What is the Correct Pronunciation of ‘Lacoste’?

The correct pronunciation of “Lacoste” is “la-kawst.” It is a French brand, and in French, the “c” is pronounced as a soft “k” sound, and the final “e” is typically silent. Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  1. “La” is pronounced like “lah,” with a short, open “a” sound.
  2. “Kawst” is pronounced with a soft “k” sound, similar to the English “k,” and the “aw” is pronounced like the English “aw” in “saw.”

So, when saying “Lacoste,” it should sound like “la-kawst,” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

Certainly, here’s a table illustrating the correct pronunciation of “Lacoste”:

Lala (rhymes with “saw”)
costekawst (soft “k” sound, rhymes with “lost”)

So, when pronouncing “Lacoste,” it’s “la-kawst.”

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