Freezer Temperature Chart

Freezer Temperature Chart Here’s a concise freezer temperature chart: Certainly, here’s a table listing common temperature settings for a freezer in both degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and degrees Celsius (°C): Temperature Setting Degrees Fahrenheit (°F) Degrees Celsius (°C) Very Cold or Max -10°F to 0°F -23°C to -18°C Ideal Freezer Temp 0°F to -10°F -18°C to … Read more

Hook Sizes Chart

Common crochet hook sizes: Hook Sizes Chart Here’s a table that lists common crochet hook sizes along with their corresponding measurements in both millimeters (mm) and the United States crochet gauge system (US letter size). Crochet Hook Size Millimeters (mm) US Letter Size 0.60 14 Steel 14 0.75 12 Steel 12 1.00 10 Steel 10 … Read more