Wondrous Tails Calculator

Wondrous Tails Calculator

Wondrous Tails Calculator


What are the odds of getting 3 lines in Wondrous Tails? The odds of getting 3 lines (completing a full page) in Wondrous Tails depend on the specific stickers and bonuses you have available and the number of open spaces on your current page. Since the stickers and bonuses are randomly generated each week, the exact odds may vary. However, the chance of getting 3 lines is generally considered low, as it requires specific stickers and bonuses to align correctly.

How many Wondrous Tails can you do in a week? You can complete Wondrous Tails once per week. The activity resets on Tuesdays (JST), and you can obtain a new journal to fill with stickers and bonuses for the week.

Can you complete Wondrous Tails unsynced? Yes, you can complete Wondrous Tails unsynced. Since Wondrous Tails involves completing various duties, you can choose to unsync those duties to make them easier and faster to complete. However, keep in mind that certain duties may have restrictions on being completed unsynced.

Is Wondrous Tails the same for everyone? No, Wondrous Tails is not the same for everyone. Each player receives a unique set of stickers and bonuses each week, and their Wondrous Tails journal will differ from other players’ journals. The randomness of sticker and bonus generation ensures variety and individualized experiences for each player.

Are Wondrous Tails stickers random? Yes, Wondrous Tails stickers are randomly generated each week. The game assigns a set of stickers to each player, and the combination of stickers will differ from player to player. This randomness adds an element of unpredictability and encourages players to engage with a variety of content.

Does duty support count for Wondrous Tails? Yes, duties completed through duty support count towards Wondrous Tails progress. Duty support allows players to assist others in completing content they have already cleared. When you join duty support and assist others in their duties, it will count towards the completion of duties for Wondrous Tails objectives.

Can you use multiple Tales of Adventure? Yes, you can use multiple Tales of Adventure to level up additional jobs or classes. Tales of Adventure are items that allow you to instantly level up a job to a specific level, bypassing the leveling process. Each Tales of Adventure item can only be used once and is specific to a particular job or class.

When can I go to Idyllshire? You can travel to Idyllshire after reaching level 50 and completing the main scenario quest “Heavensward” in Final Fantasy XIV. Idyllshire is located in the Dravanian Hinterlands and serves as a hub for players in the Heavensward expansion content.

How often can you do Wondrous Tails? Wondrous Tails can be completed once per week. The activity resets every week on Tuesday (JST) and allows players to obtain a new journal to fill with stickers and bonuses for that week.

Can you do Anima dungeons unsynced? Yes, you can complete Anima Weapon dungeons unsynced. The Anima Weapon questline involves completing specific dungeons to gather items for upgrading your relic weapon. By unsyncing the dungeons, you can make them easier and faster to complete.

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Can you do ultimate raids unsynced? No, you cannot complete ultimate raids unsynced. Ultimate raids are challenging endgame content that requires precise coordination, mechanics execution, and high levels of gear and player skill. They are specifically designed to be completed at the intended level of difficulty and cannot be unsynced.

What are the prerequisites for Wondrous Tails? The main prerequisite for Wondrous Tails is reaching level 60 and completing the quest “Keeping Up with the Aliapohs” in Idyllshire. This questline introduces the Wondrous Tails activity and unlocks it for players to participate in.

Where is Khloe in Idyllshire? Khloe Aliapoh, the NPC associated with Wondrous Tails, can be found in Idyllshire at coordinates (5,7) near the House of Splendors aetheryte.

How do you unlock extreme trials? Extreme trials in Final Fantasy XIV can be unlocked through various means, including completing specific quests, progressing through the main scenario, or obtaining the necessary item drops from other content. Each extreme trial has its own unlock requirements, so you will need to consult the specific trial’s information to determine how to unlock it.

When should I shuffle Wondrous Tails? Shuffling Wondrous Tails is entirely optional and depends on personal preference. Shuffling allows you to change the bonuses associated with your current page, potentially providing different rewards for completing a line. If you’re not satisfied with the available bonuses or think you can obtain better rewards by shuffling, you can choose to do so. However, keep in mind that shuffling resets your progress on the current page, so consider the risks before making a decision.

How do you use Wondrous Tails? To use Wondrous Tails, you need to obtain a Wondrous Tails journal from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire. The journal will contain a grid of empty spaces where you can place stickers obtained by completing various duties. You can fill the spaces on the grid by completing duties that match the criteria of the stickers. Once you complete a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, you can claim rewards based on the bonuses associated with that line.

Can minions drop in duty support? No, minions do not drop in duty support. Duty support allows players to assist others in completing content they have already cleared, but the rewards for duty support are focused on experience points, gil, and company seals. Minions are typically obtained through other means, such as quests, achievements, events, or purchasing them from vendors.

Does Stormblood have duty support? No, Stormblood does not have duty support. Duty support was introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion of Final Fantasy XIV.

How do you run a dungeon with Trust? To run a dungeon with Trust, you need to have unlocked the Trust system by progressing through the main scenario quests and reaching a certain point in the Shadowbringers expansion content. Once unlocked, you can speak to the Trust NPC in the starting city of your respective expansion (such as the Crystarium in Shadowbringers) to form a party with AI-controlled NPCs. These NPCs will accompany you through the dungeon, allowing you to experience the content without other player characters.

Can you get Adventurer in Need bonus more than once? No, you can only receive the Adventurer in Need bonus once per day per role. The Adventurer in Need bonus is a reward for queuing as a specific role in the Duty Roulette system and helps incentivize players to fill needed roles in the game’s content. Once you receive the bonus for a particular role, you will need to wait until the daily reset to receive it again.

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Should you use all characters in Tales of Arise? The decision of whether to use all characters in Tales of Arise depends on personal playstyle preferences. Each character in the game has unique abilities, playstyles, and story interactions. Experiment with different characters to find the ones that suit your preferred combat style and engage with their individual storylines to enhance your overall experience.

Can you skip content in FFXIV? While there are certain features in Final Fantasy XIV that allow you to progress more quickly through earlier content, such as the New Game+ feature, which allows you to replay the story quests, the game does not provide a comprehensive skip feature for all content. The progression through the main scenario quests and other important content is intended to be experienced as part of the game’s narrative and gameplay journey.

How do you unlock flying in Dravania? To unlock flying in Dravania (which includes the Dravanian Forelands, Dravanian Hinterlands, and Azys Lla), you need to complete the main scenario quests up to a certain point. This progression will lead you to unlock Aether Currents, which are required to enable flying in the corresponding zones.

When can you unlock Eureka? Eureka is unlocked in Final Fantasy XIV during the Stormblood expansion. You can access Eureka by speaking to the NPC Krile in Rhalgr’s Reach after reaching level 70 and completing the quest “And We Shall Call It Eureka” in the main scenario.

How many Aether Currents are in Heavensward? There are a total of 15 Aether Currents in the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. These Aether Currents are scattered throughout the various zones of the expansion and must be obtained to enable flying in those areas.

When was Wondrous Tails added? Wondrous Tails was added to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 3.4, titled “Soul Surrender.” This patch was released on September 27, 2016.

How many runs of A9S? A9S refers to the Savage version of the raid encounter “Alexander – The Arm of the Father” in the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. It is typically completed as part of a weekly raid reset. The specific number of runs required may vary depending on factors such as the group’s progression and strategy, but it is generally done once per week to obtain rewards and progress further in the raid tier.

Can you solo dungeons as Blue Mage? Yes, Blue Mage has the ability to solo certain dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. Blue Mage is a unique job that learns abilities from monsters, including powerful spells and skills that can be used in solo content. However, not all dungeons are accessible to Blue Mage, as some dungeons have specific requirements or restrictions that prevent solo completion.

Can you do Toughening Up unsynced? No, the “Toughening Up” quest in Final Fantasy XIV is a trial that requires level sync and must be completed at the intended level of difficulty. It cannot be completed unsynced.

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How do you unlock UWU? UWU (Ultimate Ultima Weapon) is a high-end raid encounter in Final Fantasy XIV. To unlock UWU, you need to complete the “The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate)” quest, which becomes available after completing the previous Ultimate raid, “The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate).”

How long did it take to clear UCoB? UCoB (The Unending Coil of Bahamut) is an Ultimate-level raid encounter in Final Fantasy XIV. The time it takes to clear UCoB can vary significantly depending on the group’s progression, skill level, and coordination. It is considered to be one of the most challenging and time-consuming encounters in the game, with clear times ranging from several weeks to several months for most groups.

How do I turn off level sync? In Final Fantasy XIV, level sync occurs automatically when you enter content that is below your current level. However, you can temporarily disable level sync by opening the Character menu, selecting Character Configuration, then clicking on the Control Settings tab. From there, you can uncheck the “Enable level sync” option. Keep in mind that disabling level sync may prevent you from accessing certain content or limit your ability to matchmake with other players.

How do you get Wondrous Lanner? Wondrous Lanners are a group of flying mounts obtainable in Final Fantasy XIV through the Wondrous Tails activity. To obtain a Wondrous Lanner, you need to collect specific sets of stickers in the Wondrous Tails journal and complete the associated lines. Each line completed provides progress towards obtaining a Wondrous Lanner mount.

Where is Khloe’s dog? Khloe’s dog, currently named “Interdimensional Rift,” can be found near Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire. The dog is often seen wandering around the area and interacting with players.

How do I get Ixion Clarion? Ixion Clarion is a mount obtained through the “I Got Mine, I Got Yours II” achievement in Final Fantasy XIV. To acquire this achievement and the Ixion Clarion mount, you need to collect a specific number of Ixion horns, which are rare drops obtained by participating in the “Ixion” FATE that spawns in the Lakeland area of the Shadowbringers expansion.

Where is Zhloe Aliapoh? Zhloe Aliapoh can be found in Idyllshire at coordinates (5,7) near the House of Splendors aetheryte. She is a resident of Idyllshire and plays a role in the Wondrous Tails activity.

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