Why is The Flash’s Costume So ugly in Season 5? 

Costumes play a crucial role in the world of superheroes, often serving as an iconic representation of their characters. When it comes to The Flash, a beloved DC Comics character brought to life in the hit TV series, the costume has undergone several iterations over the years. However, not all fans were pleased with The Flash’s costume in Season 5 of the show. In this 2000-word blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why some viewers found The Flash’s Season 5 costume to be less appealing and explore the various elements that contributed to this perception.

Why is The Flash’s Costume So ugly in Season 5? 

The Flash’s Season 5 costume received criticism due to perceived inconsistencies in design, including changes in color shades, an overemphasis on a leather-like texture, and the absence of the iconic chinstrap. These alterations deviated from the polished and comic book-accurate look of previous seasons, leading some fans to find the costume less appealing.

Aspect of CostumeReason for Ugliness in Season 5
Color InconsistencyChanges in color shades deviated from the vibrant red of previous seasons.
Texture OveremphasisThe increased leather-like texture gave the costume a less appealing, “rubbery” appearance.
Missing ChinstrapThe removal of the chinstrap disappointed fans who appreciated its nod to the classic comic book design.
Emblem ChangesAlterations to the emblem made it appear bulkier and less visually striking.
Departure from ComicsFans felt the costume strayed from the source material, losing its comic book accuracy.

The Evolution of The Flash’s Costume

Before we jump into the criticisms of The Flash’s Season 5 costume, let’s take a quick look at the costume’s evolution throughout the TV series. The Flash, portrayed by Grant Gustin, has gone through several costume changes, each with its unique design and features.

  1. Season 1: In the show’s debut season, The Flash’s costume was met with much acclaim. It featured a sleek, modern design with a red bodysuit adorned with the iconic lightning bolt emblem on his chest. The costume was praised for its comic book accuracy and visual appeal.
  2. Season 2: While Season 2 didn’t introduce any significant changes to The Flash’s costume, it continued to resonate with fans and was regarded as one of the standout elements of the show.
  3. Season 3: Season 3 brought some minor alterations to the costume, such as a slightly brighter shade of red and improved materials. However, these changes were generally well-received by fans.
  4. Season 4: Season 4 saw a more substantial redesign of the costume, with a new cowl and a chinstrap that harkened back to the comic book look. Despite some initial concerns, this costume change was generally seen as a positive step forward.
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The Criticisms of Season 5’s Costume

Now, let’s delve into why some fans were less than thrilled with The Flash’s Season 5 costume.

  1. Inconsistencies in Costume Design: One of the primary criticisms of the Season 5 costume was the perceived inconsistencies in design. The costume seemed to deviate from the established look, with changes in color shades and textures that felt jarring to some viewers. The red used in the Season 5 suit appeared darker and less vibrant than in previous seasons, which led to concerns about the overall visual appeal.
  2. Overemphasis on the Leather Texture: Another point of contention was the increased prominence of the leather-like texture in the Season 5 costume. Some fans felt that this texture gave the suit a more “rubbery” appearance, which detracted from the polished and streamlined look that had been a hallmark of The Flash’s previous costumes.
  3. Loss of Iconic Chinstrap: Many fans were disappointed by the absence of the chinstrap, which had been reintroduced in Season 4. The chinstrap was a nod to the classic comic book design and had been well-received by fans. Its removal in Season 5 was seen as a step backward in terms of costume design, leaving some fans longing for the more traditional look.
  4. Changes in the Emblem: The lightning bolt emblem on The Flash’s chest also underwent some alterations in Season 5. Some viewers felt that the emblem had become bulkier and less visually striking, diminishing its impact as a symbol of the character.
  5. Departure from Comic Book Accuracy: The Flash’s costume in the TV series had earned praise for its comic book accuracy in the earlier seasons. However, Season 5’s costume was seen by some fans as a departure from this accuracy, with changes that deviated from the source material.

Possible Reasons for the Changes

To better understand the changes in The Flash’s Season 5 costume, it’s essential to consider the creative decisions and practical reasons that may have driven these alterations.

  1. Evolving Storyline: The Flash’s costume changes often coincide with significant developments in the storyline. Season 5 introduced a new narrative arc, which might have led to the desire for a costume that reflected the character’s growth or challenges.
  2. Practical Considerations: Costume design isn’t just about aesthetics; it also involves practical considerations for the actors and production team. Changes in the costume’s materials or design might have been made to enhance comfort, mobility, or durability for the actors during filming.
  3. Creative Exploration: Costume designers and showrunners may have wanted to explore new ideas and interpretations of the character. Season 5’s costume could have been an attempt to bring a fresh perspective to The Flash’s look.
  4. Visual Consistency: Maintaining a consistent look for a costume across multiple seasons can be challenging due to wear and tear. Changes may have been made to ensure that the costume continued to look its best on screen.
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  1. Why does the new Flash suit look weird? The perception of the new Flash suit looking weird can be subjective. Costume designs can change for various reasons, including storyline developments or creative choices.
  2. Why did the Flash change his suit? The Flash often changes his suit to reflect storyline developments, practical considerations, or creative choices made by the show’s production team.
  3. Who made the Flash season 5 suit? The costume for The Flash TV series is typically designed by the show’s costume designers and created by the production team.
  4. Why does Flash look different in season 7? Changes in a character’s appearance between seasons can be attributed to costume design updates or creative choices for the character’s development.
  5. Is the new Flash non-binary? As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, The Flash (Barry Allen) is a male character in the comics and TV series. Any changes to this character’s identity would be based on new developments in the show’s storyline.
  6. Is The Flash costume CGI? The Flash costume used in the TV series is a combination of practical costume elements and CGI effects, particularly for super-speed sequences.
  7. Why is Ezra not The Flash anymore? As of my last knowledge update, Ezra Miller portrayed The Flash in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films. Any changes to casting or the character’s status would require up-to-date information.
  8. Who is the fastest Flash? In the DC Comics multiverse, Wally West (Kid Flash and later The Flash) has been depicted as the fastest Flash at certain points in the comic book continuity. However, this can vary depending on the storyline.
  9. How did Barry get his s6 suit? In The Flash TV series, Barry Allen often receives his suits from Cisco Ramon, a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team. The exact circumstances of acquiring a suit can vary from season to season.
  10. How fast is the fastest Flash? The speed of the fastest Flash can vary in different comic book storylines and interpretations. There isn’t a fixed speed as it depends on the narrative context.
  11. Who is the real villain in Flash Season 5? In Season 5 of The Flash TV series, the primary antagonist is Cicada, played by Chris Klein. However, the show often features multiple villains and subplots throughout the season.
  12. How does The Flash fit his suit in his ring? In some comic book storylines, The Flash uses technology to compress his costume into a small ring, allowing him to carry it with him. The specifics of this technology can vary.
  13. What is the darkest season of Flash? The darkest season of The Flash can be subjective, but Season 3, which featured the storyline of Savitar, was often considered one of the darker seasons due to its themes and character arcs.
  14. Why is Barry’s lightning orange? The color of Barry’s lightning can vary in the comics and TV series. Orange lightning may represent a different speed force connection or storyline element.
  15. Why is Bart not in season 9 of The Flash? Bart Allen, also known as Impulse, may or may not appear in future seasons of The Flash TV series. Character appearances can depend on storyline choices and actor availability.
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The Flash’s Season 5 costume certainly sparked discussions among fans, with some expressing disappointment over the changes made to the beloved superhero’s iconic attire. While opinions on the costume are subjective, it’s crucial to remember that costume design in television and film is a complex process influenced by a variety of factors.

Ultimately, The Flash’s costume in Season 5, like any costume in a superhero show, reflects a balance between honoring the character’s comic book roots, serving the practical needs of the production, and contributing to the storytelling. As the show continues to evolve, so too may the costume, providing fans with new interpretations and designs to discuss and appreciate.

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