Truck Driver Hours of Service Calculator

Truck Driver Hours of Service Calculator


How do you calculate HGV drivers hours?
HGV drivers’ hours are typically calculated by recording the start and end times of driving and rest periods, ensuring compliance with regulations. The total driving time must not exceed specific daily and weekly limits.

Is there an app to track HGV driving hours?
Yes, there are various apps and electronic logging devices (ELDs) available to track HGV driving hours, helping drivers and companies comply with regulations.

What is the 6-hour rule?
The 6-hour rule typically refers to the requirement for HGV drivers to take a break of at least 30 minutes after driving for 6 consecutive hours.

What is the HGV 15-hour rule?
There isn’t a specific “15-hour rule” for HGV drivers in most regulations. However, some regulations specify the maximum daily driving time within a 15-hour duty period.

What is the 10-hour rule on tacho?
The 10-hour rule often refers to the maximum daily driving time allowed within a 24-hour period. Drivers must not exceed 10 hours of driving in a single day.

Can an HGV driver work 70 hours a week?
The maximum weekly driving limit for HGV drivers is typically 56 hours in most regulations. The total working hours, including other duties, may extend to 70 hours in a week but must comply with rest and break requirements.

How do you record drivers’ hours?
Drivers typically record their hours using tachographs, electronic logging devices (ELDs), or written logbooks, ensuring accurate documentation of driving, rest, and work periods.

What is the best app to track driving hours?
There are several apps available to track driving hours, such as KeepTruckin, BigRoad, and Samsara. The choice depends on specific needs and features.

What are HGV drivers’ hours simplified?
Simplified HGV drivers’ hours involve adhering to regulations that specify maximum daily and weekly driving limits, required breaks, and rest periods.

How long can a driver work without a break?
The maximum continuous driving time without a break is usually limited to 4.5 hours in most regulations.

What is the minimum break after 6 hours of work for HGV?
After 6 hours of driving, HGV drivers typically need to take a break of at least 30 minutes.

What are the WTD rules for HGV drivers?
Under the Working Time Directive (WTD), HGV drivers are subject to maximum weekly working hours, daily rest, and weekly rest requirements, in addition to driving time limits.

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Can an HGV driver work 2 Saturdays in a row?
HGV drivers can work on consecutive Saturdays, but they must still adhere to daily and weekly driving and rest limits.

What is the 2-second rule for HGV?
The 2-second rule advises drivers to maintain a minimum of a 2-second following distance behind the vehicle in front of them, which increases with adverse road conditions.

Can lorries drive in the UK on Sundays?
Yes, lorries can drive in the UK on Sundays, but drivers must still comply with driving time limits and rest requirements.

What are the new tachograph rules for 2023?
Tachograph rules may change over time and vary by region. It’s essential to check the specific regulations for 2023 to ensure compliance.

Who is exempt from using a tachograph?
Certain vehicles and drivers, such as those engaged in non-commercial transport or short-distance journeys, may be exempt from using tachographs in some cases.

Does POA count as a break?
POA (Place of Availability) time is typically considered a break if drivers are not required to perform work-related duties during that time.

Can an HGV driver have a second job?
HGV drivers may have a second job, but they must ensure that their total working hours, including both jobs, comply with regulations to avoid fatigue.

Can an HGV driver work 7 days in a row?
HGV drivers can work 7 days in a row, but they must follow regulations regarding weekly rest periods and driving time limits.

Do HGV drivers get paid for breaks?
HGV drivers may or may not receive payment for breaks, depending on employment contracts and company policies.

What is the tacho one-minute rule?
The one-minute rule typically refers to the allowance of a one-minute margin for exceeding driving time limits under certain circumstances.

How long do HGV infringements last?
Infringements on HGV driving hours are recorded and typically remain on a driver’s record for a specific period, which varies by region.

Do you have to do a tacho printout every day?
The requirement for daily tachograph printouts may vary depending on specific regulations and company policies.

How can I track my hours for free?
You can track your hours for free using manual logbooks, spreadsheets, or some smartphone apps designed for logging working hours.

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How do I keep track of my hours?
To keep track of hours, maintain a record of your start and end times for work, breaks, and rest periods. Electronic devices and apps can help automate this process.

Is there a tracker to calculate hours?
Yes, there are various time-tracking apps and software available for calculating and monitoring working hours.

What are the new HGV driving hours in the UK?
HGV driving hours in the UK are subject to specific regulations that may change over time. It’s essential to stay updated on the latest rules and limits.

Can I work 60 hours a week as an HGV driver?
Working 60 hours a week as an HGV driver may be possible, but it must comply with driving and rest time limits, as well as weekly working time regulations.

Can you drive a 7.5-tonne lorry without a tacho?
The requirement for tachographs in 7.5-tonne lorries depends on specific regulations and the purpose of the journey. Some exemptions may apply.

Can HGV drivers opt out of WTD?
HGV drivers cannot opt out of the Working Time Directive (WTD) regulations, as they are legally binding for certain aspects of their working conditions.

Can an HGV driver be forced to work 15 hours?
HGV drivers should not be forced to work for extended hours that violate driving and rest regulations, as it poses safety risks and legal issues.

How many 15-hour days can an HGV driver work?
The number of 15-hour working days for an HGV driver may vary depending on regulations, but adherence to daily and weekly limits is essential.

Can an HGV driver take a break on a bay?
HGV drivers can take breaks in designated rest areas or bays, provided they meet the required rest and break durations.

What is the 12-day rule for driving?
The “12-day rule” is not a standard term in HGV regulations. However, there are regulations governing driving hours and rest periods over specific timeframes.

What are the HGV laws in the UK?
HGV laws in the UK encompass various regulations governing driving hours, rest periods, weight limits, and other aspects of commercial transport.

Do holidays count towards working time?
Holidays typically do not count towards working time, as they are considered rest periods. However, specific rules may apply in some cases.

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How many breaks do you get in a 12-hour shift for HGV?
In a 12-hour shift for HGV drivers, they are usually required to take at least one 30-minute break and additional shorter breaks as needed to ensure compliance with driving time limits.

Does a holiday count towards the Working Time Directive?
Holidays generally do not count towards the Working Time Directive (WTD) regulations, as they are considered rest periods, not working time.

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