Pigeon Color Genetics Calculator

Pigeon Color Genetics Calculator

Pigeon Color Genetics Calculator

Pigeon ColorGenetic Basis
Blue (Wild-type)Typically represented as BB (homozygous for blue gene)
BlackOften represented as BB (homozygous for blue gene)
Ash RedGenotype includes recessive red and blue genes
Recessive RedTypically represented as rr (homozygous for red gene)
YellowCombination of recessive red and other modifying genes
DunAffected by the Dun gene (D/d)
BrownInfluenced by multiple genes, including Ash Red
SilverAffected by the Spread gene (S/s)
CreamAffected by the Cream gene (Cr/cr)
AlmondInfluenced by the Almond gene (Al/Al or Al/al)
PiedVarious combinations of white and colored feathers
PatternVarious patterns, influenced by specific genes
DiluteLightens the color, often combined with other genes
OpalAffected by the Opal gene (O/o)
GrizzleInfluenced by the Grizzle gene (Gr/gr)
IndigoAffected by the Indigo gene (In/in)
SaddlebackInfluenced by the Saddleback gene (Sb/sb)


What determines pigeon color? Pigeon color is primarily determined by the combination of genes inherited from their parents. These genes control the production and distribution of pigments in the feathers.

What is the recessive color of a pigeon? The recessive color in pigeons is often referred to as “recessive red” or “dilute.” This coloration is controlled by specific genetic alleles and results in a lighter, often reddish or yellowish color.

How many genes influence pigeon color? Pigeon color is influenced by several genes, with some sources suggesting at least 10 to 15 different genes that can affect plumage coloration.

What is the order of dominance of color for pigeons? The order of dominance of pigeon colors can vary depending on the specific genes involved, but generally, wild-type or “blue” is considered dominant over many other color mutations.

What is the rarest pigeon color? The rarity of pigeon colors can vary by region and breeding practices, but some of the rarer colors include true albinos (pure white with pink eyes), certain pattern mutations, and color varieties with limited genetic representation.

What is the rarest eye color in pigeons? Pink or red eyes are generally considered the rarest eye color in pigeons, often associated with certain recessive color mutations.

How do you breed a recessive red pigeon? To breed a recessive red pigeon, you would need two pigeons carrying the recessive red gene (homozygous or heterozygous for the gene). Breeding two pigeons with this gene increases the likelihood of producing recessive red offspring.

Are male and female pigeons different colors? In most pigeon species, male and female pigeons have similar plumage colors. However, in some specific breeds or mutations, there may be subtle differences in coloration.

How rare is a red pigeon? Red pigeons, particularly those with the true recessive red mutation, can be relatively rare compared to more common colors like blue or gray.

Is pigeon crest dominant or recessive? Crests in pigeons are generally considered a recessive trait. Crested pigeons have a mutation in a specific gene that causes the development of the crest.

Why are some pigeons darker than others? Differences in pigeon coloration, including darkness or lightness, are primarily due to genetic variations and mutations that affect the distribution and amount of pigments in the feathers.

Are male pigeons more colorful? Male pigeons are often slightly more colorful than females, as they may exhibit brighter or more pronounced plumage colors. This can vary depending on the specific pigeon breed or species.

What colors scare pigeons? Pigeons are generally not scared by specific colors, but they may be startled by sudden movements or loud noises.

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What is a recessive red dilute pigeon? A recessive red dilute pigeon is a pigeon that carries the recessive red gene and also has a dilution factor that lightens the coloration of its feathers, resulting in a lighter red or yellowish appearance.

What is the common color of pigeons? The most common color of pigeons is often referred to as “blue,” which is a bluish-gray color with dark wing bars.

What is the most expensive pigeon breed? The price of pigeon breeds can vary greatly, but some of the more exotic or rare breeds, such as racing pigeons with exceptional pedigrees, can command high prices in the pigeon market.

Can there be a pink pigeon? Yes, there can be pink pigeons, often as a result of specific genetic mutations that affect pigment production in the feathers and eyes.

Is there a rainbow pigeon? There is no naturally occurring rainbow-colored pigeon. However, selective breeding and the introduction of various color mutations can create pigeons with a wide range of colors.

What is the rare pink pigeon? The “pink pigeon” may refer to pigeons with pinkish plumage, which can be the result of genetic mutations affecting pigment production. These are relatively rare compared to standard pigeon colors.

How rare is a blue pigeon? Blue pigeons, often referring to the standard wild-type coloration, are not particularly rare and are one of the most common pigeon colors.

What ancestry has green eyes? Green eye color in pigeons can result from specific genetic mutations, and it can occur in pigeons of various ancestries.

Can you breed pigeon siblings? Breeding pigeon siblings is possible, but it increases the risk of genetic abnormalities and health issues in the offspring due to the closer genetic relationship.

What is the best breeding mix for pigeons? The best breeding mix for pigeons typically includes a combination of high-quality grains, seeds, and legumes, along with access to clean water and essential minerals.

Can two female pigeons mate? No, two female pigeons cannot naturally mate and produce offspring. Pigeon reproduction requires a male and a female.

What is the lifespan of a pigeon? The average lifespan of a pigeon in the wild is around 3 to 5 years, while pigeons kept in captivity can live significantly longer, often reaching 10 to 15 years or more.

Do pigeons mate for life? Pigeons are known for their strong pair bonds, and many pigeon species do form long-term pair bonds that can last for several breeding seasons.

Why do pigeons puff up their neck? Pigeons puff up their necks as a display of dominance, courtship, or to appear larger and more intimidating to rivals or threats.

Is there a purple pigeon? Purple pigeons do not exist in the wild, but through selective breeding and specific color mutations, some breeders have produced pigeons with purplish plumage.

Are black pigeons rare? Black pigeons are relatively rare compared to more common colors like blue or gray, but they do exist in various pigeon breeds.

What causes a pigeon to be pink? Pink pigeons can result from genetic mutations that affect the production and distribution of pigments in their feathers, giving them a pinkish hue.

What is the most common breed of pigeon? The most common breed of pigeon is the domestic rock pigeon (Columba livia domestica), which includes feral pigeons found in many urban areas.

Do pigeons have a pecking order? Yes, pigeons often establish a pecking order within their flock, with dominant individuals having preferential access to food and other resources.

What is the closest relative to a pigeon? The closest living relative to pigeons is believed to be the dodo bird, which is now extinct.

What color of pigeon has better survival rates? Survival rates of pigeons are not solely determined by plumage color, as factors like habitat, food availability, and predation play more significant roles in their survival.

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Why are some pigeons purple? Purple pigeons are the result of selective breeding and specific genetic mutations that alter the distribution and intensity of pigments in their feathers.

What’s the difference between a wood pigeon and a feral pigeon? Wood pigeons (Columba palumbus) are a wild species of pigeon found in woodlands and rural areas, while feral pigeons (domestic rock pigeons) are descended from domesticated pigeons and are often found in urban environments.

How smart are pigeons? Pigeons are considered intelligent birds, known for their navigation abilities, problem-solving skills, and memory. They have been used in various research studies to assess cognitive abilities.

Do pigeons change gender? Pigeons do not change gender. They are a sexually dimorphic species, with distinct male and female sexes.

What is a white dove called? A white dove is often simply referred to as a “white dove” or “dove.” White doves are a color variation of the domestic rock pigeon.

Why do pigeons chase each other? Pigeons may chase each other for various reasons, including territory disputes, establishing dominance, or during courtship and mating rituals.

What does the brightness of color mean for male birds? Bright and vibrant plumage colors in male birds are often associated with attracting mates and signaling good health and genetic fitness.

What pigeon hates the most? Pigeon behavior is not typically driven by hatred, but they may show aggression or territorial behavior towards other pigeons or threats to their territory.

What do pigeons fear the most? Pigeons can be startled by loud noises, sudden movements, and the presence of predators or threats.

What animal do pigeons hate? Pigeons may show aversion or fear towards predators such as birds of prey, cats, and humans who pose a threat to them.

Can you mix pigeon breeds? Pigeon breeds can be mixed through controlled breeding to create hybrid pigeons, but the resulting offspring may not conform to specific breed standards.

What is a big pigeon with red eyes? A pigeon with a larger size and red eyes could be a specific breed or a color mutation, such as a red-eyed recessive red pigeon.

What is a cross breed pigeon? A crossbreed pigeon is the result of breeding two pigeons of different breeds or genetic backgrounds.

What is a rare pigeon? A rare pigeon can refer to pigeons with uncommon colors, patterns, or mutations that are not commonly found in the pigeon population.

Is a dove just a white pigeon? Doves and pigeons belong to the same family (Columbidae), and while some doves are white, not all doves are white, and not all pigeons are blue or gray. There is significant diversity in both groups in terms of color and size.

What is the smartest breed of pigeon? The intelligence of pigeons is not necessarily breed-specific, but some pigeon breeds, such as racing pigeons, may exhibit enhanced navigational and problem-solving abilities due to selective breeding for these traits.

What is the most beautiful pigeon in the world? Beauty is subjective, and what is considered the most beautiful pigeon can vary from person to person. There are many stunningly colored and patterned pigeon breeds to choose from.

What is a piebald pigeon? A piebald pigeon is one with irregular patches of two different colors, often with a predominantly white base color and patches of another color.

How much is the rarest pigeon? The price of the rarest pigeons can vary significantly depending on factors like breed, color, pedigree, and demand. Some rare pigeons have been sold for thousands of dollars.

Is there such a thing as a blue pigeon? Yes, “blue pigeon” is a term commonly used to describe the standard coloration of wild-type pigeons, which is a bluish-gray.

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What does an archangel pigeon look like? The Archangel pigeon is a breed known for its distinctive coloration, which includes a metallic sheen on the neck and a contrasting body color, often white or another light color.

What is a Venus pigeon? There is no recognized pigeon breed or variety called a “Venus pigeon.” It may be a reference to pigeons with unique or striking appearances.

What is a golden pigeon? A “golden pigeon” may refer to pigeons with golden or yellowish plumage, which can result from specific color mutations or selective breeding.

Are red pigeons rare? Red pigeons, particularly those with the recessive red mutation, can be relatively rare compared to more common colors like blue or gray.

Do colorful pigeons exist? Yes, colorful pigeons do exist, with a wide range of colors and patterns achieved through selective breeding and genetic mutations.

What is the name of the pigeon that got a Purple Heart? The pigeon that received a Purple Heart during World War II was named “G.I. Joe.” It was awarded for delivering a critical message that saved the lives of many soldiers.

Do rainbow pigeons exist? There are no naturally occurring rainbow-colored pigeons. However, selective breeding and the introduction of various color mutations can create pigeons with a wide range of colors.

What ethnicity has the most green eyes? Green eye color is not linked to ethnicity but rather to genetic variation. It can be found in individuals of various ethnic backgrounds.

Which parent determines eye color? Eye color is determined by multiple genes, and both parents contribute to the genetic makeup of their child’s eye color. The exact combination of genes from both parents determines the final eye color.

Does inbreeding affect pigeons? Inbreeding in pigeons can lead to an increased risk of genetic disorders, reduced fertility, and decreased overall health in offspring.

Does inbreeding affect birds? Inbreeding can have negative effects on the health and genetic diversity of bird populations, leading to increased susceptibility to diseases and reduced fitness.

How do you use a 4 in 1 mix for pigeons? A “4 in 1 mix” for pigeons typically refers to a combination of grains, seeds, and legumes used as a dietary supplement. It can be provided as part of a balanced diet for pigeons to ensure they receive essential nutrients.

What is breeder mix for pigeons? A breeder mix for pigeons is a specialized blend of grains and seeds designed to support the nutritional needs of breeding pigeons. It often includes high-protein and high-energy components.

Can a pigeon breed with a dove? Pigeons and doves are closely related and can interbreed, as they belong to the same family (Columbidae). However, the resulting offspring may not always be fertile.

Do pigeons mate for pleasure? Pigeons, like many animals, mate primarily for reproductive purposes to pass on their genes to the next generation.

Do pigeons bond for life? Many pigeon species form long-term pair bonds that can last for several breeding seasons, but it is not necessarily a lifelong bond in all cases.

Should you save a dying pigeon? If you encounter a sick or injured pigeon, it is advisable to contact a local wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian for guidance on how to best care for the bird. Attempting to save a pigeon yourself can be challenging without the necessary expertise and resources.

Can two male pigeons mate? Two male pigeons cannot naturally mate and produce offspring, as pigeon reproduction requires a male and a female.

Do pigeons remember faces? Pigeons have been shown to have remarkable memory abilities, and they can remember and recognize specific individuals, including human faces, especially if they have had repeated interactions with them.

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