OSRS Tanning Calculator

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the time required to tan leather depends on the type of leather being tanned. Generally, it takes about 2 seconds per hide to tan. So, if you have 10 hides to tan, it would take approximately 20 seconds. Keep in mind that this time may vary slightly depending on your in-game latency and any boosts or bonuses you have.

OSRS Tanning Calculator

OSRS Tanning Calculator

Tanning MethodLevel RequirementCost per HideTanning Time per HideHides Tanned per HourUnlock Method
Tan Leather Spell78 Magic81 coinsInstantUp to 1,500Complete “Al Kharid Hard Diary”
Regular TannerVaries~2 seconds1800 – 3600N/A (Visit tanner NPC)
Hard TannerVaries~2 seconds1800 – 3600N/A (Visit tanner NPC)
Green TannerVaries~2 seconds1800 – 3600N/A (Visit tanner NPC)
  • Tan Leather Spell: The fastest and most efficient method, instantly tans hides and has the highest tanning rate.
  • Regular Tanner: Located in Al Kharid, can tan cowhide, bear fur, and dhide vambraces.
  • Hard Tanner: Located in the Ranging Guild, can tan snakeskins and green d’hide bodies.
  • Green Tanner: Located in Prifddinas, can tan green d’hide chaps and green d’hide shields.


Is tan leather profitable?
Yes, tanning leather can be profitable in Old School RuneScape, especially if you gather the raw materials yourself or buy them at a low price and sell the tanned leather at a higher price on the Grand Exchange or to other players.

What is the fastest way to tan OSRS? The fastest way to tan leather in OSRS is by using the Tan Leather spell, which requires level 78 Magic and costs 81 coins per hide. This spell can be cast on regular, hard, and green dragonhide, tanning them instantly.

How many hides can you tan per hour? The number of hides you can tan per hour depends on your tanning method. With the Tan Leather spell, you can tan up to 1,500 hides per hour. If you use the regular method at a tanner, you can tan around 400-600 hides per hour.

How do you unlock tan leather? The Tan Leather spell in OSRS is unlocked by casting the spell on the NPC named Ellis in Al Kharid after completing the “Al Kharid Hard Diary” task set.

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What are the disadvantages of leather tanning? Some disadvantages of leather tanning include the cost of materials, time-consuming process for manual tanning, and potential environmental impacts from the chemicals used in commercial tanning processes.

Why does leather get harder after tanning? Leather gets harder after tanning due to the removal of water and moisture during the tanning process, which results in the tightening and bonding of collagen fibers in the leather.

What is the hardest place to tan? Tanning difficult or exotic hides, such as thick or large animal hides, can be challenging due to their size, thickness, or unique properties.

What is the best duration to tan? The duration to tan leather depends on the method used. With the Tan Leather spell, tanning is instantaneous. Traditional tanning at a tanner may take a few seconds per hide.

What is the most efficient time to tan? The most efficient time to tan leather is when using the Tan Leather spell, as it tans hides instantly and requires fewer clicks compared to traditional tanning methods.

Can you over tan a hide? Yes, over-tanning a hide can result in it becoming overly stiff and brittle, making it unsuitable for use in certain applications.

Do you need salt to tan a hide? Yes, in some traditional tanning methods, salt is used to preserve the hide before the tanning process begins.

Do you have to dry a hide before tanning? Yes, hides are typically dried and preserved before the tanning process starts.

How do you tan Dragonhide? Dragonhide can be tanned using the Tan Leather spell, which instantly tans regular, hard, and green dragonhide.

How long does the leather tanning process take? The duration of the leather tanning process can vary depending on the method used. Instant tanning with the Tan Leather spell takes no time, while traditional methods may take a few seconds per hide.

What is the lunar spell Tan Hides? In the Lunar Spellbook, there is a spell called “Tan Leather,” not “Tan Hides,” which allows players to tan leather instantly without the need for a tanner.

Is leather tanning carcinogenic? Certain chemicals used in commercial tanning processes have the potential to be carcinogenic. However, proper safety measures and regulations are in place to mitigate such risks.

What are the three types of leather tanning? The three main types of leather tanning are vegetable tanning, chrome tanning, and aldehyde tanning.

Why not use leather? Using leather has ethical and environmental considerations, as it involves the use of animal hides and can be associated with resource-intensive processes and waste production.

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How long does tanned leather last? Properly tanned and cared-for leather can last for many years, even decades, depending on the type of leather and its usage.

What is soaking process in leather tanning? The soaking process in leather tanning involves immersing the raw hide in water to rehydrate it before the tanning process.

Can tanned leather get wet? Yes, tanned leather can get wet, but excessive exposure to water may lead to damage or loss of some of its properties.

Is it more attractive to be tan? Attractiveness is subjective, and opinions on whether a tan is more attractive vary among individuals and cultures.

Do you tan easier underwater? Tanning underwater is not possible, as UV rays from the sun cannot penetrate water effectively.

Do you tan easier as you get older? No, the ability to tan does not necessarily increase with age. The ability to tan depends on individual skin type, sun exposure, and genetics.

Is 2 hours too long to tan? The recommended sun exposure duration for tanning varies depending on skin type and sensitivity. Two hours of direct sun exposure without protection could be excessive and increase the risk of sunburn.

What foods help with tanning? Certain foods rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, and vitamin C may help protect the skin from sun damage, but they do not directly cause tanning.

Does leaving tan on longer make it darker? Leaving a self-tanning product on the skin for a longer time may result in a slightly darker tan, but there’s a limit to how dark it can get.

What gets you tan the fastest? Exposing the skin to direct sunlight or UV radiation is the fastest way to get a natural tan.

How do you get the best tan the fastest? To get the best tan quickly, consider using a quality sunscreen to protect your skin while spending time in the sun.

Does your skin stop tanning at a certain point? Yes, once your skin reaches its maximum level of melanin production, it will not tan further.

What does salting a hide do? Salting a hide helps to preserve it by drawing out moisture and preventing bacterial growth before the tanning process.

How long will a salted hide last? A properly salted hide can last for several months before it needs to be tanned.

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Can you freeze a hide before fleshing? Freezing a hide before fleshing can make the fleshing process easier, as it firms up the hide.

How did Native Americans tan hides? Native Americans traditionally tanned hides using a process called brain tanning, where they used animal brains to soften and tan the hides.

What is brain tanning? Brain tanning is a traditional method of tanning hides using animal brains to soften the leather.

What is the best salt for hides? Non-iodized salt, such as kosher or pickling salt, is commonly used for preserving hides.

Do you wash a hide after salting? Before tanning, the salt is usually removed from the hide, and the hide may be rinsed and rehydrated.

Can you freeze a hide to tan later? Freezing a salted hide can help preserve it until you’re ready to tan it.

How long can I wait before fleshing a hide? It’s best to flesh a hide as soon as possible after skinning the animal to prevent the hide from drying out and becoming difficult to work with.

How do you get a god tan? Getting a “good” tan involves sun exposure with proper sunscreen protection to prevent sunburn and overexposure.

Can you un-tan yourself? The process of removing a tan is not immediate, but it will fade over time as the skin naturally sheds its outer layers.

How do you get the darkest tan ever? Achieving the “darkest tan ever” is not advisable, as excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin damage and skin cancer.

Why is Italian leather better? Italian leather is often associated with high quality and craftsmanship, using premium hides and tanning processes that result in a soft, durable, and attractive leather.

Why do tanneries smell? Tanneries have a distinct smell because of the chemicals and natural substances used in the tanning process.

What is the advantage of leather tanning? Leather tanning preserves animal hides, making them more durable and suitable for various products like clothing, accessories, and furniture.

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