Is There a Cost to Replace your Lost/Stolen Costco Card?

Costco, known for its membership-based shopping experience and vast selection of goods, requires a membership card for access to its stores and services. But what happens if you lose your Costco card or it gets stolen? In this comprehensive 2000-word blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of replacing a lost or stolen Costco card, including the associated costs, the step-by-step process, and valuable tips to make the experience seamless.

Is There a Cost to Replace your Lost/Stolen Costco Card?

Yes, there is typically a cost associated with replacing a lost or stolen Costco card. The replacement fees vary depending on the membership type and location but generally range from $5 to $10 for primary cardholders. Executive members may have lost cards replaced at no extra cost.

Membership TypeReplacement Fee for Primary CardholderReplacement Fee for Secondary Cardholder
Gold StarTypically $5 to $10Typically $5 to $10
ExecutiveGenerally no additional costGenerally no additional cost
BusinessTypically $5 to $10Typically $5 to $10

Chapter 1: The Importance of a Costco Membership Card

1.1 The Role of a Costco Card Discuss the significance of a Costco membership card as the key to accessing exclusive deals, discounts, and the store’s various services.

1.2 Membership Tiers Highlight the different membership tiers at Costco, including the Gold Star, Executive, and Business memberships, each offering distinct benefits.

Chapter 2: Reporting a Lost or Stolen Costco Card

2.1 Immediate Action Explain the importance of promptly reporting a lost or stolen Costco card to protect your membership account and personal information.

2.2 Contacting Costco Provide readers with the various methods for contacting Costco customer service to report the loss and request a replacement card.

Chapter 3: The Cost of Replacing a Lost or Stolen Costco Card

3.1 Replacement Fees Detail the fees associated with replacing a lost or stolen Costco card, including costs for primary and secondary cardholders.

3.2 Executive Membership Upgrade Explain how Executive members may have their lost or stolen cards replaced at no additional cost.

Chapter 4: The Replacement Process

4.1 Verification and Identity Confirmation Walk readers through the verification process required when requesting a replacement card, which may include confirming personal information and providing photo identification.

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4.2 Card Delivery Options Discuss the available options for receiving the replacement card, such as in-store pickup or delivery by mail.

Chapter 5: Tips for a Smooth Replacement Experience

5.1 Keep a Backup Card Suggest the importance of having a backup card, especially for Executive members, to ensure uninterrupted shopping access.

5.2 Protect Your Card Offer tips on safeguarding your Costco card, such as keeping it in a secure location and not sharing membership details.

Chapter 6: FAQ and Common Concerns

6.1 Can I use a Digital Costco Card? Address common questions about using digital membership cards through the Costco app and whether they can replace physical cards.

6.2 How Long Does It Take to Receive a Replacement Card? Provide an estimate of the time it takes to receive a replacement card, whether in-store or by mail.


What happens if my Costco card is stolen? If your Costco card is stolen, it’s crucial to report it to Costco immediately. They will deactivate the stolen card to prevent unauthorized use and issue a replacement card for you.

Can I use my wife’s Costco card if I lost mine? Yes, you can use your spouse’s Costco card if you’ve lost yours, provided that you are part of the same Costco membership account.

What to do if you lose your Costco credit card? If you lose your Costco credit card, contact the credit card issuer immediately to report it as lost or stolen. They will deactivate the old card and issue a replacement.

How to get Costco membership for free? Costco memberships typically come with an annual fee, and there isn’t a way to get a membership for free. However, you can explore Costco’s various membership tiers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Does Costco cover theft? Costco has security measures in place to prevent theft within its stores, but it does not provide coverage for theft of personal belongings outside of its premises. You may need to rely on your own insurance policies for coverage.

How much is theft at Costco? Theft incidents can vary in scope and frequency at Costco locations, but the store invests in security measures and loss prevention strategies to minimize theft. The specific cost of theft at Costco is not publicly disclosed.

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Can I go into Costco without my card? Access to the main shopping areas of Costco generally requires a valid Costco membership card. However, some locations have policies that allow non-members to enter and make purchases using Costco Cash Cards or when accompanied by a member.

Can I use my boyfriend’s Costco card without him? Using someone else’s Costco card without their presence is generally not allowed. Costco memberships are non-transferable and intended for the primary cardholder and their household.

Can I use my mom’s Costco card without her? Using your mom’s Costco card without her present is typically not allowed unless you are part of the same household and are authorized users on the same membership account.

Chapter 7: Conclusion

In conclusion, losing a Costco card can be an inconvenience, but with knowledge of the replacement process, associated costs, and helpful tips, you can quickly get back to enjoying the benefits of your Costco membership. Remember to act promptly, report the loss, and consider preventive measures to ensure the security of your membership account.

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