How Many Feet Does 120cm *160cm Equals?

How Many Feet Does 120cm *160cm Equals?

To find the total square footage of an area given in centimeters, you need to convert the dimensions to feet. There are approximately 0.0328084 feet in 1 centimeter.

So, for 120 cm x 160 cm:

120 cm * 0.0328084 feet/cm = 3.937 feet 160 cm * 0.0328084 feet/cm = 5.249 feet

Therefore, 120 cm x 160 cm equals approximately 3.937 feet x 5.249 feet, which is approximately 20.66 square feet.

Multistep Unit Conversions with Metric and Customary Units

Converting between different units of measurement is an essential mathematical skill. In real-world problems, you’ll often need to convert units like centimeters to feet when multiplying dimensional quantities. Let’s look at the step-by-step process for converting an area in centimeters to feet.

Understand the Problem

First, make sure you comprehend the given information. Here we are provided an area measurement of 120 cm multiplied by 160 cm. Our goal is to determine this area in feet, since cm and ft are different units.

Plan the Conversion Steps

When multiple units are involved, planning the sequence of conversions helps avoid mistakes. Since we have cm units, we’ll first convert cm to m, then m to ft. Breaking it into smaller steps keeps everything organized.

Convert cm to m

To go from cm to m, we use the conversion:

100 cm = 1 m

So for 120 cm, we calculate: 120 cm x (1 m / 100 cm) = 1.2 m

And for 160 cm: 160 cm x (1 m / 100 cm) = 1.6 m

Now our dimensions are in meters.

Convert m to ft

Using the relationship:

1 m = 3.281 ft

We get: 1.2 m x (3.281 ft / 1 m) = 3.937 ft 1.6 m x (3.281 ft / 1 m) = 5.249 ft

Multiply for Area in ft

Finally, we multiply the length and width in feet:

3.937 ft x 5.249 ft = 20.652 ft2

So the total area is approximately 20.652 square feet.

Carefully converting units step-by-step ensures accuracy. Planning the order of conversions keeps the process clear. With practice, fluidly switching between metric and customary units becomes second nature. Having flexibility with units of measurement allows you to solve more real-world problems and communicate your results precisely.

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