Gastric Sleeve Macro Calculator

Gastric Sleeve Macro Calculator

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  1. What should my macros be after gastric sleeve surgery?
    • Protein: Typically, protein intake is prioritized after surgery. Aim for 60-80 grams or more of protein per day.
    • Carbohydrates: Limit your carbohydrate intake, focusing on complex carbs and avoiding sugary foods.
    • Fat: Consume healthy fats in moderation.
  2. What is the 30 30 rule after gastric sleeve?
    • The 30-30 rule suggests that you should aim to consume at least 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. This helps promote protein intake early in the day.
  3. How do I calculate my goal weight after gastric sleeve?
    • Your goal weight should be determined in consultation with your healthcare provider, considering your starting weight, height, body composition, and overall health goals.
  4. What should carb count be after gastric sleeve?
    • Carbohydrate intake should be limited and primarily come from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The exact carb count may vary, but it’s generally recommended to keep it low.
  5. Is 1200 calories a day after gastric sleeve?
    • Caloric intake varies from person to person. Initially, it may be limited to around 800-1200 calories a day, but it should gradually increase as your body adjusts.
  6. Is 100 grams of protein too much after gastric sleeve?
    • Consuming 100 grams of protein per day may not be too much, but it’s essential to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations. Some individuals may require higher protein intake to support healing and weight loss.
  7. What can you never do after gastric sleeve?
    • After gastric sleeve surgery, you should avoid overeating, consuming sugary or high-calorie foods, drinking carbonated beverages, and snacking between meals. These guidelines help ensure the success of the surgery.
  8. How much weight should I have lost 3 months after gastric sleeve?
    • Weight loss can vary, but it’s common to have lost a significant amount of weight during the first three months after surgery, typically around 20-30% of your excess body weight.
  9. At what point do you stop losing weight after gastric sleeve?
    • Weight loss may slow down or plateau after the initial rapid loss. It varies, but many people continue to lose weight for up to 18 months after surgery, and some may experience ongoing weight loss beyond that.
  10. How do you lose belly fat after gastric sleeve?
    • Targeted fat loss is challenging, but overall weight loss can reduce belly fat over time. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and core-strengthening exercises can help tone the abdominal area.
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Please consult your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian for personalized dietary recommendations and guidelines specific to your situation.

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