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How to convert Val sens to CS:GO?
There isn’t a direct conversion formula between Valorant (Val) sensitivity and CS:GO sensitivity due to differences in game mechanics and engine. However, you can try to match the feel by adjusting sensitivity settings in CS:GO based on your Valorant sensitivity.

Is CS:GO 2 (CS2) sensitivity the same as Valorant sensitivity? No, CS:GO 2 sensitivity and Valorant sensitivity are not the same. They have different scales and mechanics.

What is a good Valorant sensitivity for 400 DPI? A good sensitivity for Valorant with 400 DPI typically ranges from 0.2 to 0.6, depending on personal preference and playstyle.

Is 1600 DPI better? It depends on individual preference. Some players prefer higher DPI settings like 1600 DPI for faster cursor movements, while others prefer lower DPI for more precision.

How to calculate DPI in CS:GO? You can calculate your effective DPI (eDPI) in CS:GO by multiplying your mouse DPI (dots per inch) by your in-game sensitivity.

What is DPI on Val? DPI stands for dots per inch, it’s a measure of the sensitivity of a mouse. In Valorant, DPI settings determine how far your cursor moves for every inch you move your mouse.

How to check DPI? You can check your mouse DPI by either referring to the mouse’s user manual or using software provided by the mouse manufacturer. There are also online tools and software that can help you determine your mouse DPI.

What is the sensitivity of CS2 DPI? CS:GO 2 sensitivity doesn’t have a fixed DPI setting. It depends on your mouse DPI and your in-game sensitivity settings.

Why do pros use low sensitivity in Valorant? Pros often use low sensitivity in Valorant for more precise aiming, especially in a game where accuracy is crucial. Lower sensitivity allows for more controlled movements.

How do I fix my aim in CS:GO? Improving aim in CS:GO involves practice, finding the right sensitivity, focusing on crosshair placement, and understanding spray patterns. Aim training maps and drills can also help.

What sensitivity do pros use in CS:GO? Pro sensitivities in CS:GO vary widely, but many use relatively low sensitivities ranging from 400 to 1600 eDPI.

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What DPI does TenZ use? TenZ has been known to use 800 DPI.

Is 400 DPI good for CS:GO? 400 DPI is a common DPI setting used by many CS:GO players. It provides a good balance between precision and speed.

How many DPI does TenZ use? TenZ has been known to use 800 DPI.

Is 1200 DPI overkill? It depends on personal preference. 1200 DPI might be considered high for some players, but others may find it suitable for their playstyle.

Why are pros using 1600 DPI? Some pros use 1600 DPI for faster cursor movements, which can be beneficial in certain situations. However, it’s not a universally preferred setting among pros.

Does DPI affect aim? DPI affects how fast your cursor moves on the screen but doesn’t directly affect aim. However, higher DPI can make precise movements more challenging due to increased sensitivity, while lower DPI may offer more control.

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