Does it Cost Money to Play League of Legends?

League of Legends, often abbreviated as LoL, is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. Developed and published by Riot Games, it has garnered a massive player base and a dedicated esports scene. But the question that often arises for newcomers and seasoned players alike is, “Does it cost money to play League of Legends?” In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve deep into the various costs associated with the game, helping you understand whether it’s worth the investment of your time and money.

Does it Cost Money to Play League of Legends?

No, it’s free to play League of Legends. While you can spend money on in-game items like skins and champions, they’re optional and don’t affect gameplay. The core game is accessible without any cost, making it open to players who want to enjoy the experience without spending money.

League of Legends has a free-to-play model at its core. This means that anyone can download and play the game without spending a single dime. Riot Games provides players with access to all of the game’s champions, the playable characters that make up the roster, from the moment they create an account. This inclusivity is one of the reasons for the game’s immense popularity.

While League of Legends is free to play, it generates revenue through in-game purchases. The primary in-game currency is Riot Points (RP), which can be bought with real money. RP can then be used to purchase a variety of in-game items, including skins, champions, and various cosmetic items like emotes and ward skins.

  1. Champion Unlocking: Players can unlock champions permanently using RP or Influence Points (IP). IP is earned through gameplay, whereas RP is bought with real money. This choice allows players to progress through the game without spending money if they’re patient.
  2. Skins: Skins are cosmetic changes to champions’ appearances, and they range in price. Some skins can be quite expensive, but they don’t provide any in-game advantage. They’re purely for visual enjoyment.
  3. Boosts: There are experience and IP boosts that can be purchased with RP, which can help players level up and unlock champions more quickly.
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League of Legends also features limited-time events and battle passes, often tied to thematic in-game events or seasons. These events offer unique missions, rewards, and cosmetics that can be purchased or earned through gameplay.

  1. Battle Pass: Purchasing a battle pass typically grants access to exclusive missions and rewards. It’s an optional purchase, and players can choose whether or not to participate.
  2. Event Passes: Special events like the “Pulsefire” or “Project” events offer unique passes that allow players to earn event-specific rewards through gameplay. These passes often cost RP but can provide substantial value for dedicated players.


Is League of Legends really free to play?
Yes, League of Legends is genuinely free to play. You can download and enjoy the core game without any initial cost.

Does League of Legends cost money? While the game itself is free, you can spend money on in-game items like skins and champions. These purchases are optional and don’t impact gameplay.

How much do you need for League of Legends? You don’t need to spend any money to start playing League of Legends. You can invest as much or as little as you want for cosmetic items or to unlock champions faster.

Is League of Legends good for beginners? League of Legends can be challenging for beginners due to its complex mechanics and learning curve. However, it offers a rewarding experience for those willing to learn and improve.

Where can I play League of Legends for free? You can play League of Legends for free by downloading it from the official website and installing the game on your computer.

How to play League of Legends for beginners? To get started, create an account, complete the tutorial, and play against bots to learn the basics. Then, gradually transition to normal games to gain experience.

Can you play League of Legends solo? Yes, you can play League of Legends solo. The game offers both solo and team-based modes, allowing you to choose your preferred playstyle.

What is the point of League of Legends? The main objective of League of Legends is to work with your team to destroy the enemy’s Nexus while defending your own. It requires strategy, teamwork, and individual skill.

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How much is $10 in league? $10 in League of Legends typically translates to approximately 1380 Riot Points (RP), which you can use to purchase in-game items.

Does LoL require a good computer? League of Legends is designed to run on a wide range of computer specifications. While a good computer can enhance your experience, it can also be played on lower-end systems.

How much does a $10 League of Legends card give you? A $10 League of Legends card usually provides you with 1380 Riot Points (RP) that can be used to buy in-game content.

What is the easiest character to play in LoL? Garen is often considered one of the easiest champions for beginners due to his straightforward abilities and tanky nature.

What do I need to know before playing League of Legends? Before playing, familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, roles, and objectives. Learning the basics of champions, items, and map awareness is crucial.

Why is it so hard to play League of Legends? League of Legends can be challenging due to its complex gameplay, teamwork requirements, and the need for strategic thinking. Learning and mastering the game takes time and practice.


In summary, League of Legends can be played for free, and players can progress through the game without spending money if they choose to do so. While in-game purchases can enhance the gaming experience and offer cosmetic customization, they are not necessary for gameplay. Whether or not you choose to invest money in League of Legends depends on your preferences and how you value the cosmetic aspects of the game.

Ultimately, the cost of playing League of Legends is flexible, making it accessible to a wide range of players. The game’s popularity and competitive scene ensure that it continues to evolve, attracting players from around the world. So, while it may cost money if you wish to indulge in cosmetic items or expedite your champion collection, the core gameplay experience remains free, making League of Legends an enticing option for gamers of all budgets.

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