Basketball Field Goal Percentage Calculator

Basketball FG% Calculator

Basketball Field Goal Percentage Calculator


What is the average FG percentage in the NBA?

The average FG percentage in the NBA typically hovers around 45% to 47%, but it can vary from season to season.

Does FG% include 3P%?

No, FG% and 3P% are separate shooting statistics. FG% includes all field goals made, including both two-point and three-point field goals, while 3P% specifically measures the percentage of successful three-point shots.

Why is 0.44 in true shooting percentage?

The constant 0.44 in the True Shooting Percentage (TS%) formula is used to account for the value of three-pointers and free throws relative to two-point field goals. It’s a weighted factor that adjusts the shooting percentage to more accurately represent a player’s scoring efficiency.

What is the difference between FG% and eFG%?

FG% (Field Goal Percentage) is a basic measure of shooting accuracy, while eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage) adjusts for the added value of three-pointers. eFG% is a more accurate reflection of a player’s shooting efficiency because it gives extra credit for made three-pointers.

How to calculate percentage?

To calculate a percentage, divide the part by the whole and multiply by 100. The formula is:


Is 33 percent from 3 good?

33% from three-point range is below the league average for NBA players, which is typically around 35-37%. However, whether it’s considered “good” or not depends on the player’s role, team strategy, and their overall shooting ability.

Who has the highest FG percentage ever?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the highest career field goal percentage in NBA history, with an estimated career FG% of around 54%.

What is the highest FG% for a team in a season?

The highest team field goal percentage for a season in NBA history was achieved by the 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers, who had a team FG% of approximately 54.5%.

Who has the most points while shooting 100%?

Several NBA players have scored a perfect 100% on field goals in a game, but the highest point total in such a game is typically less than 50 points. Players like Wilt Chamberlain and DeAndre Jordan have achieved this feat with high point totals while shooting 100% from the field.

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Is 60 percent true shooting good?

Yes, a True Shooting Percentage (TS%) of 60% is considered excellent in the NBA. It indicates a high level of shooting efficiency, especially when considering the value of three-pointers and free throws.

Is a FG and extra point the same thing?

In American football, a field goal (FG) and an extra point (also known as a point-after-touchdown or PAT) are not the same thing. A field goal is typically attempted from farther away and is worth 3 points if successful, while an extra point is a shorter kick worth 1 point and is attempted after a touchdown.

Which is better effective field goal percentage or true shooting percentage?

Both Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%) and True Shooting Percentage (TS%) are useful statistics for evaluating shooting efficiency. eFG% is focused on field goals and adjusts for the value of three-pointers, while TS% considers field goals, three-pointers, and free throws. TS% is often considered a more comprehensive measure because it accounts for all scoring opportunities.

What does FT mean in basketball?

In basketball, “FT” usually stands for “Free Throws,” which are uncontested shots taken from the free-throw line, typically awarded after a foul is committed by the opposing team.

What NBA player has the highest accuracy?

In terms of shooting accuracy, it can refer to various statistics like field goal percentage (FG%), three-point percentage (3P%), or free throw percentage (FT%). As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, players like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James were known for their high shooting accuracy, but specific rankings can change from season to season.

How many NBA players have had a 50-40-90 club?

The 50-40-90 club refers to NBA players who have achieved shooting percentages of 50% or higher in field goals, 40% or higher in three-pointers, and 90% or higher in free throws in a single season. Several NBA players have accomplished this feat, including Larry Bird, Steve Nash, and Kevin Durant, among others.

What is a good NBA TS%?

A good True Shooting Percentage (TS%) in the NBA is typically considered to be above 60%. However, what is considered “good” can vary depending on a player’s role and position.

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