Are Disneyland Employees Allowed to Take Their Costumes Home?

Disneyland, often referred to as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” is known worldwide for its commitment to creating a magical and immersive experience for visitors.

At the heart of this enchantment are the dedicated cast members who bring Disney’s iconic characters and stories to life. These cast members don’t just play a role; they become part of the magic.

Central to their transformation are the carefully designed and meticulously crafted costumes that help transport visitors to different worlds within the park.

It’s a common curiosity among fans and visitors alike: Are Disneyland employees allowed to take their costumes home? In this blog post, we will delve into this question, exploring the magic, the rules, and the emotional connections surrounding Disneyland costumes.

Are Disneyland Employees Allowed to Take Their Costumes Home?

Disneyland employees, also known as cast members, are generally not allowed to take their costumes home. Strict policies are in place to maintain costume integrity, quality, and security. While there may be exceptions for specialized roles or events, costumes are primarily meant to stay within the controlled environment of the park to ensure they are properly cared for, cleaned, and used in accordance with Disney’s standards.

Are Disneyland employees allowed…?Generally, no.
Reasons for Not Taking Costumes HomeTo maintain costume integrity, quality, and security.
Exceptions?There may be exceptions for specialized roles or events.
Costume Care and UseCostumes are meant to stay within the controlled environment of the park.
Costume Cleaning and MaintenanceDisney has stringent policies for cleaning and caring for costumes.
Costume Policies and GuidelinesStrict rules and guidelines are in place to ensure costumes align with characters.

The Magic Behind the Costumes

Disneyland’s costumes are a crucial component of creating a memorable and immersive experience for visitors. When you step into the park, you’re not just greeted by staff in generic uniforms; you’re welcomed by characters who look like they’ve stepped right out of a Disney movie.

This level of detail is no accident; it’s the result of painstaking design work, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. Each costume is carefully tailored to match the theme and storyline of the attraction or area it represents. Whether it’s a princess gown or a spacesuit, these costumes play a pivotal role in shaping the visitor’s perception of the Disney experience.

Costume Ownership Policies

Disneyland has specific policies regarding the ownership of costumes. In general, cast members are not allowed to take their costumes home. This rule is in place for several reasons, including maintaining the integrity of the costumes and ensuring they are properly cared for and sanitized.

Disneyland’s costumes are custom-made and often contain intricate details and delicate materials. Allowing cast members to take them home could lead to wear and tear that might compromise the overall appearance and quality of the costumes. Additionally, the park needs to maintain control over its costumes to prevent unauthorized use and protect the park’s image.

Exceptions to this policy exist, particularly in cases where cast members have unique roles or specialized costumes. For instance, characters who perform in parades, off-site events, or promotional activities may be permitted to have their costumes. However, even in these cases, strict guidelines and oversight are in place to ensure the costumes are maintained and used appropriately.

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The Importance of Costume Maintenance

Costume maintenance is a critical aspect of Disneyland’s operations. As mentioned earlier, costumes are made from high-quality materials and often feature intricate designs and delicate components.

Keeping these costumes in pristine condition is essential to maintaining the magic and ensuring that visitors have a consistent and immersive experience. Regular cleaning and repairs are part of the routine for the Disneyland Costume Department.

Cast members also play a significant role in costume care. They are responsible for ensuring their costumes remain clean and in good condition during their shifts. This responsibility extends to basic care, like spot cleaning or minor repairs.

Cast members are encouraged to report any significant damage or issues with their costumes promptly. Properly maintaining costumes not only preserves the magic but also extends the lifespan of these carefully crafted garments.

The Emotional Connection to Costumes

For cast members, their costumes are more than just uniforms; they are an integral part of their identity within the park. Many cast members develop a deep emotional attachment to their costumes because these outfits represent the characters they bring to life.

Wearing the costume is a transformative experience that allows them to embody beloved Disney characters. This emotional connection fosters a sense of pride and responsibility, reinforcing the importance of maintaining costumes.

The costumes also serve as a bridge between cast members and visitors. When a cast member dons their costume, they become part of the Disney magic.

The emotional impact of this role can be profound, both for the cast member and for the visitors who interact with them. A princess in her gown or a pirate in his swashbuckling attire can evoke genuine joy and wonder in visitors of all ages.

Safety and Security Concerns

While the emotional connection to costumes is significant, it’s crucial to balance that with safety and security concerns. Allowing cast members to take costumes home could potentially pose risks.

There’s the risk of unauthorized use, where costumes could be used outside of official Disney events or misappropriated.

This could undermine the park’s carefully crafted image and potentially cause confusion or concern among the public. By maintaining strict control over costumes, Disneyland can better ensure their proper use and care.

There’s also the issue of security within the park. Allowing costumes to leave the premises could lead to costumes being lost or stolen, which would have implications for both the cast member and the park’s operations. Maintaining a controlled environment for costumes helps mitigate these risks.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at Disneyland, the Costume Department plays a crucial role in ensuring that cast members look the part. This department is responsible for creating, maintaining, and overseeing the vast wardrobe of costumes used throughout the park.

Each costume is carefully crafted to meet the park’s exacting standards and to provide cast members with comfort and flexibility while performing their roles.

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Costume fittings are a common practice at Disneyland. Cast members are measured to ensure a perfect fit for their costumes, which is crucial for both comfort and appearance. Customizations are also made to accommodate the needs of individual cast members. These fittings and customizations help create a seamless and immersive experience for visitors.

Other Perks and Benefits

Working as a Disneyland cast member comes with various perks and benefits beyond the costumes themselves. Cast members enjoy access to the park on their days off, often with the ability to bring friends and family.

They also have opportunities for professional development, access to training programs, and may receive discounts on Disney merchandise and dining. These benefits, along with the unique experience of being part of the Disney magic, make working at Disneyland an attractive proposition for many.


Do Disney cast members take their costumes home?

No, Disney cast members are generally not allowed to take their costumes home. Strict policies are in place to maintain costume integrity, quality, and security.

What are the new rules for Disneyland employees?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, specific rules and policies for Disneyland employees may have evolved over time. It’s advisable to refer to Disneyland’s official website or contact their HR department for the most up-to-date information.

Can Disney employees accept gifts?

Disney employees are typically subject to rules and guidelines regarding the acceptance of gifts, especially from visitors or guests. These rules may vary depending on the employee’s role and level within the organization. Generally, gifts of significant value may be subject to restrictions or reporting requirements.

What are the rules for wearing costumes at Disney?

Disney has strict rules and guidelines for employees wearing costumes to ensure they align with the characters they portray and maintain the park’s immersive experience.

How much do Disney employees in costumes make?

Disneyland employees’ salaries can vary significantly depending on factors such as job role, experience, and location. Costume characters, often referred to as character performers, earn salaries that may differ from other roles within the park.

How much do Disneyland costume characters get paid?

The salaries of Disneyland costume characters, like other employees, can vary widely depending on several factors. Character performers may receive additional compensation for specialized skills or performances.

How many times can Disney employees bring guests?

Disneyland employees often receive complimentary admission tickets, known as Main Entrance Passes (MEPs), which they can use to bring guests. The number of guest passes and the associated policies may vary based on the employee’s position and tenure.

How many free tickets to Disneyland employees get?

The number of free tickets or complimentary admission passes that Disneyland employees receive may vary based on factors such as their job role, length of service, and company policies.

What perks do Disneyland employees get?

Disneyland employees, known as cast members, typically enjoy a range of perks, including free or discounted park admission for themselves and their guests, merchandise and dining discounts, access to employee-only areas, professional development opportunities, and more.

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What do Disney employees get for free?

Disney employees often receive complimentary park admission passes, discounts on merchandise and dining, access to exclusive events and previews, and other perks that enhance their experience both within the park and as part of the Disney family.

How do you thank a Disney employee?

Visitors can express gratitude to Disney employees, known as cast members, through verbal appreciation, thank-you cards, or by providing positive feedback through official Disney channels. Acknowledging outstanding service is encouraged and appreciated.

How do you thank a Disneyland cast member?

Expressing appreciation to Disneyland cast members can be done by offering a sincere verbal thank-you, writing a heartfelt note, or participating in programs like “Cast Compliment,” where guests can recognize exceptional service.

Can you get into Disneyland for free if you dress up as Cinderella?

While dressing up as a Disney character can add to the fun of visiting Disneyland, admission to the park typically requires a valid ticket or pass. Wearing costumes that resemble Disney characters is allowed, but park entry still requires a ticket purchase.

What happens if you break Disney dress code?

Breaking Disney’s dress code rules may result in being asked to change into appropriate attire or being denied entry to certain areas within the park. It’s essential to adhere to the park’s dress code guidelines to maintain the immersive and family-friendly atmosphere.

Does Disney allow crop tops?

Disneyland’s dress code policies may change over time, and specific guidelines regarding clothing items like crop tops may vary. Visitors should refer to Disney’s official website or contact the park for the most current dress code information.


In the world of Disneyland, costumes are not just clothing; they are an essential part of the magic that creates unforgettable memories for visitors.

While cast members may not be allowed to take their costumes home, this rule helps maintain the integrity of the costumes, ensures proper care and sanitation, and contributes to the overall enchantment of the park.

The emotional connection between cast members and their costumes adds an extra layer of authenticity to the Disney experience, reminding us that it takes more than just a costume to bring magic to life. Balancing the magic and practicality of costumes is all part of what makes Disneyland the extraordinary place that it is.

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