10 Best Accounting Software for Ebay Sellers (2023)

Successfully selling a high volume of products on eBay requires properly tracking costs, profits, and sales taxes across multiple channels and accounts. However, most basic accounting software falls short in handling eBay seller workflows like inventory management, transaction fees, shipping costs, and sales tax nuances. The right solution provides the integration, automation, and reporting needed to keep online retail finances and operations streamlined.

This post explores 10 leading accounting solutions for eBay retailers based on seamless eBay syncing, sales tax compliance, inventory management, analytics, mobility, and overall value optimizing financial management and efficiency. Any eBay seller can benefit from adopting one of these platforms tailored for their ecommerce business model.

What accounting program integrates with eBay?

Here is a table summarizing the key pros and cons of accounting software options for eBay sellers:

QuickBooks OnlinePopular small business platform; eBay syncingMay lack inventory management depth
XeroAffordable; automated channel importsLighter on fulfillment features
NetSuite ERPAdvanced capabilities for complex sellers; unified commerceHigh learning curve and price
Zoho BooksRobust features for the price; AI assistantPotentially overkill for basic users
ScaleAccountingSpecialized for ecommerce accountingSmaller company/community support
Accounting SeedFull-featured accounting tailored for commerceCustomization requires consulting fees
TradeGeckoUnified operations for omnichannel sellersHeavier than standalone accounting
KatapultEnd-to-end ecommerce management suiteExpansive toolset with steeper learning curve
EcomdashLight accounting with operations automationLacks advanced accounting capabilities
Stitch LabsCentralized channel management and accountingVery light accounting feature set

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides one of the most widely-used small business accounting systems suitable for eBay sellers. It covers core financials like invoicing, expense tracking, bank feeds, purchasing, and reporting. The Advanced version supports activity-based costing for pinpointing profitability.

Integration with eBay automatically imports transaction details into finance. Barcode scanning or bulk import assists inventory counts. Sales tax calculations are automated. Powerful reporting provides product performance analytics. While a general solution, QuickBooks Online delivers on the essential accounting needs of eBay retailers.


Xero offers a popular cloud accounting platform for ecommerce businesses that plays nicely with eBay. Users can automatically import eBay sales data and fees into finance. Inventory management assists tracking product costs and quantities across channels.

Xero Tax handles sales tax calculations and reporting automatically. Insights provide analytics on sales, profits, cash flow, and KPIs. Robust app integration extends features. While light on fulfillment capabilities, Xero provides sound accounting fundamentals for ecommerce.

NetSuite ERP

For large eBay sellers, NetSuite ERP provides enterprise-grade accounting with dedicated ecommerce suitability. Pre-built eBay integration syncs channel data to financials and inventory automatically. Multiple entity management handles accounting across separate business units.

Advanced reporting provides product, customer, and channel analytics. NetSuite optimizes order-to-cash workflows and provides a unified platform adding CRM, inventory, fulfillment, and more. While requiring greater investment, NetSuite excels at unified backoffice for multi-channel ecommerce.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books delivers affordable yet full-featured accounting capability for eBay retail businesses. Tight eBay integration auto-imports all transaction and fee data. Multiple currency support assists global trade. Zoho Inventory assists cost and quantity tracking across channels.

Real-time reports provide insights into sales, profits, inventory demand, and more. The self-learning Zia AI provides personalized recommendations to improve financial efficiency. Zoho Books gives eBay sellers robust accounting functionality at a fraction of competing software costs.


Designed specifically for ecommerce businesses, ScaleAccounting combines accounting, analytics, and tax compliance in one unified platform. It synchronizes transactions, fees, and taxes from all connected ecommerce accounts for automating bookkeeping. Custom profitability reporting provides product performance insights.

Advanced sales tax tools support complex multi-state tax obligations and filings. FBA import aids inventory accuracy. For straightforward, automated accounting tailored for online sellers, ScaleAccounting warrants exploration.

Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed offers full-scale accounting with specialized support and integrations for ecommerce retailers. eBay sales channels integrate directly for automated finance syncing. The system captures related costs like shipping and fees for accurate cost accounting.

Tax engine support ensures sales tax compliance across jurisdictions. Custom fields and reporting provide ecommerce finance insights. EDI integration accelerates order processing and B2B sales. For ecommerce brands seeking advanced accounting with direct channel connectivity, Accounting Seed excels.


TradeGecko provides inventory and order management software with integrated accounting capabilities purpose-built for multiphannel ecommerce. eBay integrations auto-sync product catalogs, inventory levels, orders, and fees into finance. Direct API connections accelerate data flows.

Powerful reporting provides insights across channels, customers, and suppliers. Native purchase order, supplier management, and digital inventory functions support efficient commerce operations. For unified ecommerce management beyond just accounting, TradeGecko warrants exploration.


Katapult offers an ecommerce-specialized platform combining accounting with associated software tools merchants need. Core accounting handles invoicing, bill payment, reporting, and other essentials. Advanced reporting provides product analytics across eBay and other connected channels.

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Built-in inventory management maintains quantity control and costing. Supplier EDI and API integrations accelerate data interchange. Quote generation, CRM, and fulfillment integrations further support ecommerce workflows while capturing finance data. Katapult provides a unified solution tailored for online sellers.


Ecomdash provides a modular ecommerce business management platform with accounting essentials for eBay power sellers. Real-time inventory data syncs from eBay and other channels to aid tracking. Sales, fees, and costs integrate into accounting for accurate profits reporting.

Purchase order management assists suppliers and restocking. Some more advanced eBay sellers may desire deeper accounting capabilities. But for straightforward financial tracking alongside inventory and operations management, Ecomdash warrants exploration.

Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs offers Inventory and order management software for omnichannel commerce, including a light accounting component. Users can connect eBay and other selling channels to centralize inventory and sales data with associated fees and taxes. This aids basic bookkeeping needs.

Reporting provides insights into profit across products, customers, and sales channels. However, Chrome River lacks advanced accounting capabilities beyond the essentials. But for unified commerce management with accounting fundamentals, it provides strong automation and visibility.


What accounting program integrates with eBay? Many accounting programs can integrate with eBay, including QuickBooks, Xero, and Wave.

Is QuickBooks good for eBay sellers? Yes, QuickBooks is a popular choice for eBay sellers due to its robust features and eBay integration capabilities.

What is the best eBay sales tracker? There are several eBay sales tracking tools available, but Terapeak and SellerHub are popular options.

How do I keep my records on eBay? You can keep records on eBay by using accounting software like QuickBooks or by maintaining detailed spreadsheets.

Does QuickBooks have eBay integration? Yes, QuickBooks has eBay integration options that allow you to sync your eBay sales and expenses with your accounting records.

What app do eBay sellers use? eBay sellers often use mobile apps like the eBay Seller Hub and the eBay app for managing their listings and sales.

What is eBay management software? eBay management software helps sellers streamline their eBay operations, including listing, inventory management, and order processing. Popular options include SellerHub and inkFrog.

Does Xero work with eBay? Yes, Xero can integrate with eBay to manage finances and track sales.

What is the disadvantage of QuickBooks? One disadvantage of QuickBooks is its cost, as it may be expensive for some small businesses. Additionally, it can have a steep learning curve for beginners.

What is the safest payment method for sellers on eBay? PayPal is a common and safe payment method for eBay sellers, as it offers buyer and seller protection.

What eBay sellers should not do? eBay sellers should avoid violating eBay’s policies, engaging in unethical practices, misrepresenting products, or providing poor customer service.

What seller has the most sales on eBay? As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, it’s challenging to pinpoint the seller with the most sales on eBay, as it can change over time.

What sells very fast on eBay? Items that sell quickly on eBay often include electronics, collectibles, popular clothing brands, and seasonal items.

How to sell more than $5,000 on eBay? To sell more than $5,000 on eBay, you can increase your product listings, improve your product descriptions, offer competitive pricing, and provide excellent customer service.

Where can a seller find their financial statement on eBay? Sellers can access their financial statements and sales reports in their eBay Seller Hub or by using eBay’s reporting tools.

Is it better to sell records on eBay or Discogs? Selling records on eBay or Discogs can both be viable options. The choice depends on your preferences and target audience.

How do I protect my sales on eBay? To protect your sales on eBay, you should maintain accurate records, provide excellent customer service, ship items promptly, and be aware of potential scams.

How do I link eBay to QuickBooks? You can link eBay to QuickBooks by using third-party apps or services that offer integration between the two platforms.

Which banks have QuickBooks integration? Many banks offer QuickBooks integration, but the availability may vary by region. Some popular options include Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Which 4 list types can be directly imported into QuickBooks Online? In QuickBooks Online, you can directly import the following list types: Chart of Accounts, Products and Services, Customers, and Vendors.

What are the 3 eBay seller levels? As of my last update, eBay had three seller levels: Top Rated Seller, Above Standard, and Below Standard. These levels are subject to change, so it’s essential to check eBay’s current policies.

Does eBay have an algorithm for sellers? Yes, eBay uses algorithms to determine search rankings and provide recommendations for sellers to optimize their listings.

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What is the Seller Hub on eBay? The Seller Hub is a centralized dashboard on eBay where sellers can manage their listings, monitor sales, and access various tools and reports.

What is the difference between QuickBooks and Xero? QuickBooks and Xero are both accounting software, but they differ in terms of features, pricing, and user interface. The choice between them depends on your business needs.

Is Xero different from QuickBooks? Yes, Xero and QuickBooks are different accounting software programs, each with its own features and pricing structure.

Does Xero convert to QuickBooks? Xero and QuickBooks are separate software programs, so there is no direct conversion between the two. You would need to export data from one and import it into the other manually or using third-party tools.

Why do accountants not like QuickBooks? Some accountants may not like QuickBooks because it can be complex, and they prefer other accounting software or systems that align better with their specific needs.

Why QuickBooks is discontinued? As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, QuickBooks was not discontinued. It remains a popular accounting software. However, product offerings and versions can change over time.

Is QuickBooks becoming obsolete? QuickBooks has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing accounting software landscape, so it is not considered obsolete. It remains widely used by businesses.

What are the best banks to use for eBay seller payments? The best banks for eBay seller payments may vary depending on your location and specific needs. Common options include PayPal, Chase, and Bank of America.

What is the best way to get paid from eBay? The best way to get paid from eBay is typically through PayPal or another secure payment method recommended by eBay.

What is the safest way to receive money as a seller? The safest way to receive money as a seller is through secure and reputable payment processors like PayPal or directly through your bank.

Do I have to pay taxes on eBay sales in 2023? Yes, in most countries, eBay sellers are required to report and pay taxes on their sales. Tax regulations may vary by location, so it’s essential to consult with a tax professional for specific guidance.

How to sell 100 items a day on eBay? To sell 100 items a day on eBay, you’ll need to have a large inventory, optimize your listings, offer competitive pricing, and use efficient shipping and inventory management systems.

Why does eBay never side with the seller? eBay’s decisions in disputes between buyers and sellers are based on their policies and guidelines, which aim to protect the overall marketplace. Sometimes, it may appear that eBay sides with buyers to maintain trust in the platform.

What is the number 1 seller on eBay? The number one seller on eBay can change frequently, as it depends on various factors such as the category of products and sales volume.

What is the most sold item in the world? The most sold item in the world can vary, but commonly sold items include food products like rice and bread, consumer electronics, and clothing.

What is easiest to flip on eBay? Items that are easy to flip on eBay often include collectibles, vintage clothing, electronics, and niche hobby items.

How to sell on eBay in 2023? To sell on eBay in 2023, you’ll need to create an eBay account, list your items with accurate descriptions and clear photos, set competitive prices, and provide excellent customer service.

What’s the quickest thing to sell? The quickest items to sell on eBay are typically in-demand, low-cost products like consumer electronics, fashion accessories, and small household items.

How much can you sell on eBay before paying taxes? The threshold for paying taxes on eBay sales varies by country and jurisdiction. In many places, you are required to report all income from eBay sales, regardless of the amount.

How many items can you sell on eBay per month? eBay’s policies may limit the number of items you can list for sale each month based on your seller level and account history. These limits can vary.

How much does it cost to list more than 250 items on eBay? eBay may charge additional listing fees if you exceed your monthly free listing allowance. The exact fees depend on the listing format (auction or fixed-price) and other factors.

How much does eBay take from a sale in 2023? eBay’s final value fees can vary depending on the category and selling price of the item. As of my last update, it was typically a percentage of the sale price, ranging from 2% to 12%.

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Can you write off shipping costs on eBay? You may be able to deduct shipping costs as a business expense when filing your taxes, but it’s essential to consult with a tax professional for specific guidance.

Should I sell all my records? Whether you should sell your records depends on your personal preferences and the value of your collection. Some records may have sentimental or monetary value, so consider your options carefully.

Is it worth it to sell vinyl records? Selling vinyl records can be worth it if you have valuable or collectible items, but it may not be worthwhile for common or low-value records.

What is the alternative to Discogs? Alternatives to Discogs for selling vinyl records include eBay, Amazon, and local record shops.

What not to do on eBay as a seller? As a seller on eBay, you should avoid misrepresenting your products, engaging in fraudulent activities, violating eBay’s policies, and providing poor customer service.

How do I not get ripped off selling on eBay? To avoid getting ripped off as a seller on eBay, be cautious of suspicious buyers, use secure payment methods, provide accurate descriptions, and follow eBay’s recommended best practices.

What is the secret to selling on eBay? There is no one-size-fits-all secret to selling on eBay, but success often involves thorough research, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and effective marketing.

Can you use QuickBooks for eBay? Yes, QuickBooks can be used effectively by eBay sellers to manage their finances and integrate with their eBay sales data.

What is the largest company that uses QuickBooks? Many large and small businesses use QuickBooks. As of my last update, some prominent companies that have used QuickBooks include Intuit, 1-800-FLOWERS, and Land O’Lakes.

Should I link QuickBooks to my bank account? Linking QuickBooks to your bank account can streamline financial transactions and help with accurate bookkeeping. However, it’s essential to follow security best practices to protect your financial data.

What lists can you not import from Excel to QuickBooks? The specific lists you can import from Excel to QuickBooks may vary depending on the version and edition of QuickBooks you are using. Generally, you can import items like customers, vendors, and products/services.

What cannot be imported into QBO? QuickBooks Online (QBO) may have limitations on importing certain types of transactions or historical data, and these limitations can change over time. It’s best to consult QuickBooks support or documentation for the most up-to-date information.

How to sell more than $5,000 on eBay? To sell more than $5,000 on eBay, you can expand your product range, optimize your listings, offer competitive prices, and implement effective marketing strategies.

What is a good eBay seller rating? A good eBay seller rating typically involves having a high percentage of positive feedback (above 95%), fast shipping, and a low rate of returns or issues.

How to master eBay algorithm? Mastering eBay’s algorithm involves optimizing your listings with relevant keywords, providing excellent customer service, and consistently meeting eBay’s performance standards.


Automating the nuances of accounting for high-volume eBay retail requires software tailored for ecommerce workflows. Solutions like QuickBooks Online, Xero, and NetSuite integrate channel sales data while handling associated costs and sales taxes. TradeGecko and Katapult provide further unified commerce platforms. Any eBay seller should adopt a system providing accuracy and efficiency for their numbers.

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