2MP CCTV Storage Calculator

2MP CCTV Storage Calculator


How much storage does a 2MP camera need? The storage requirement for a 2MP camera depends on various factors such as the video compression standard used, frame rate, and bit rate. On average, a 2MP camera using H.264 compression and recording at 15 frames per second (fps) might use approximately 1-2 GB of storage per hour.

How to calculate storage capacity for CCTV? To calculate storage capacity for CCTV, use the formula: Storage (GB)=Bit rate (Mbps)×Seconds per day×Number of days8×1024\text{Storage (GB)} = \frac{\text{Bit rate (Mbps)} \times \text{Seconds per day} \times \text{Number of days}}{8 \times 1024}Storage (GB)=8×1024Bit rate (Mbps)×Seconds per day×Number of days​ Where:

  • Bit rate is the camera’s bit rate (e.g., 2 Mbps)
  • Seconds per day = 86400 (24 hours \times 3600 seconds/hour)

How many GB does a CCTV camera consume per day? A 2MP CCTV camera with a bit rate of 2 Mbps consumes around 21.6 GB per day: Daily Storage=2×864008×1024≈21.6 GB\text{Daily Storage} = \frac{2 \times 86400}{8 \times 1024} \approx 21.6 \text{ GB}Daily Storage=8×10242×86400​≈21.6 GB

How much CCTV footage can 1TB hold? Using the previous example of 21.6 GB per day, 1TB (1024 GB) can hold approximately 47 days of footage: 1024 GB21.6 GB/day≈47 days\frac{1024 \text{ GB}}{21.6 \text{ GB/day}} \approx 47 \text{ days}21.6 GB/day1024 GB​≈47 days

Is 2MP enough for CCTV? 2MP (1080p) is generally sufficient for most standard surveillance needs, providing a good balance of resolution and storage requirements.

How many MB is 2MP? 2MP refers to the resolution (2 million pixels), not the file size. The file size in MB depends on the image compression and format. Typically, a 2MP JPEG image might range from 0.5 MB to 1 MB.

Can you use a 5MP camera on a 2MP DVR? Yes, but the DVR will only record at 2MP resolution, effectively downscaling the 5MP feed.

What happens when CCTV storage is full? When CCTV storage is full, most systems will begin overwriting the oldest footage unless configured otherwise.

How do you estimate storage capacity? Estimate storage capacity by calculating the bit rate of all cameras, the desired retention period, and using the storage formula provided.

Does CCTV use a lot of data? CCTV can use a significant amount of data, especially with higher resolution cameras and higher frame rates.

How much storage do I need for home security cameras? This depends on the number of cameras, their resolution, bit rate, and desired retention period. A common home setup with 4 cameras at 2MP resolution might need around 500GB to 1TB for 30 days of storage.

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How long does 128GB last on a CCTV camera? For a 2MP camera at 2 Mbps, 128GB lasts around 5.9 days: 128 GB21.6 GB/day≈5.9 days\frac{128 \text{ GB}}{21.6 \text{ GB/day}} \approx 5.9 \text{ days}21.6 GB/day128 GB​≈5.9 days

How many GB is 1 hour of 1080p video recording? 1 hour of 1080p video at 2 Mbps is approximately 0.9 GB: 2 Mbps×3600 seconds8×1024≈0.88 GB\frac{2 \text{ Mbps} \times 3600 \text{ seconds}}{8 \times 1024} \approx 0.88 \text{ GB}8×10242 Mbps×3600 seconds​≈0.88 GB

Is 1 TB enough for a security camera? 1TB is sufficient for about 47 days of continuous recording for a single 2MP camera at 2 Mbps.

How long does 2TB record for CCTV? 2TB will record for approximately 94 days for a single 2MP camera at 2 Mbps.

Is 2 MP good or bad? 2MP is considered good for standard surveillance, providing clear images at a reasonable storage and bandwidth requirement.

Which is better, 2MP or 5MP CCTV? 5MP provides higher resolution and better image quality than 2MP, but requires more storage and bandwidth.

How far can a 2MP camera see? The viewing distance of a 2MP camera depends on its lens and field of view. Typically, it can clearly identify objects up to 20-30 feet away.

What is 2MP equal to? 2MP equals 1920×1080 pixels, or 1080p resolution.

Is 2MP better than 4K? No, 4K (8.3MP) has significantly higher resolution and detail than 2MP.

Is a 2MP camera 1080p? Yes, a 2MP camera corresponds to 1080p resolution (1920×1080 pixels).

What is the ideal megapixel for CCTV? The ideal megapixel depends on the surveillance needs, but 2MP to 5MP is common for general use, with higher resolutions like 8MP (4K) used for detailed monitoring.

Can a 2MP camera work on a 1080P DVR? Yes, a 2MP camera is compatible with a 1080P DVR.

What is the difference between 2MP and 4MP CCTV cameras? A 4MP camera has double the resolution of a 2MP camera, offering clearer and more detailed images.

How can I increase my CCTV storage? Increase storage by adding more hard drives, using higher capacity drives, or adjusting recording settings like frame rate and resolution.

Can CCTV work without storage? CCTV can function for live monitoring without storage, but won’t record footage for later review.

How long does CCTV storage last? Storage duration depends on the total storage capacity, number of cameras, resolution, and bit rate.

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How do I calculate how much storage I need? Use the formula provided earlier and input your specific camera bit rates, recording hours, and retention period.

How do you calculate store capacity? Store capacity is calculated based on the total volume of products, shelving space, and storage requirements for inventory management.

How do I find my storage capacity? Check your DVR/NVR specifications, use storage calculators, or manually calculate based on bit rate and desired retention period.

How many GB does CCTV use per day? As previously calculated, a 2MP CCTV camera at 2 Mbps uses about 21.6 GB per day.

How much bandwidth does a 2MP camera use? A 2MP camera typically uses around 2 Mbps of bandwidth for streaming video.

How much storage does CCTV take up? Storage usage varies based on camera resolution, bit rate, and recording settings. A single 2MP camera at 2 Mbps uses about 21.6 GB per day.

How much storage does a 2MP camera need? A 2MP camera needs approximately 21.6 GB per day, as previously calculated.

Can you use a 5MP camera on a 2MP DVR? Yes, but the recording quality will be limited to 2MP.

What is the best storage for CCTV? The best storage for CCTV includes high-capacity HDDs designed for surveillance, with SSDs as an option for higher performance needs.

What size SD card is best for a security camera? For most security cameras, a 64GB or 128GB SD card is sufficient, offering a balance between capacity and cost.

What happens when CCTV storage is full? When storage is full, the system typically overwrites the oldest footage with new recordings.

How long will 1TB last on CCTV? As calculated earlier, 1TB will last around 47 days for a 2MP camera at 2 Mbps.

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