Steam Market Profit Calculator

Steam Market profit depends on various factors, including the items you buy and sell, their market prices, and Steam’s 5% fee. To calculate profit, subtract the item’s buying price from its selling price, then deduct the Steam fee. The resulting amount is your profit per item. Tracking these values in a table helps monitor your overall profit as you trade different items on the Steam Market. Successful trading requires careful consideration of market trends and item values to maximize profits.

Steam Market Profit Calculator

Steam Market Profit Calculator

Profit: $0.00

Item NameBuying Price (USD)Selling Price (USD)Steam Fee (5%) (USD)Profit (USD)
Example Skin 110.0012.000.601.40
Example Skin 215.0018.000.902.10
Example Item 35.006.500.331.17
TotalTotal Buying PriceTotal Selling PriceTotal Steam FeeTotal Profit

In this table:

  • “Item Name” represents the name of the item you bought and sold.
  • “Buying Price (USD)” is the amount you paid to purchase the item.
  • “Selling Price (USD)” is the amount you received when you sold the item.
  • “Steam Fee (5%) (USD)” is the fee Steam deducted (5% of the selling price).
  • “Profit (USD)” is the calculated profit for each item.

You can add more rows for each item you trade and then calculate the total buying price, total selling price, total Steam fee, and total profit at the bottom of the table. Keep in mind that this is a simplified example, and the actual profit can be influenced by market fluctuations, demand, and other factors.


What percentage does Steam market take? Steam takes a 5% fee for each item sold on the Steam Community Market.

How is Steam market tax calculated? The Steam market tax is a straightforward 5% fee applied to the final sale price of an item.

How much is the selling fee in CSGO? In CSGO, the selling fee is also 5% on the Steam Community Market.

Why can’t I use Steam Community market? There could be several reasons why you can’t use the Steam Community Market, including account restrictions, not meeting certain requirements (such as having a verified phone number), or trade bans. You should check your account status and the specific reason in your Steam account settings.

Does Steam take 30% of sales? No, Steam does not take 30% of sales on the Steam Community Market. The 30% figure is often associated with the revenue share that game developers pay to Valve when selling games on the Steam store, which is a different system.

Why is Steam tax so high? The 5% fee on the Steam Community Market may seem high to some, but it’s a standard rate for online marketplace fees. The platform provides various services, such as item storage and secure transactions, which justify the fee.

How much does Steam take from sales? Steam takes a 5% fee from the sale of items on the Steam Community Market.

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How much does Steam charge to sell a game? The fee for selling a game on Steam is typically 30% of the game’s revenue, but this percentage may vary for certain situations or agreements.

Is it profitable to sell CSGO Skins? The profitability of selling CSGO skins can vary widely depending on the specific skins you have, market demand, and other factors. Some rare and popular skins can be quite valuable, while common ones may not yield significant profits. It’s essential to research the market and prices carefully before selling.

How to sell CS items for real money? To sell CS:GO items for real money, you can use third-party websites and marketplaces that facilitate these transactions. Be cautious and ensure you use reputable platforms to avoid scams and fraud.

What is the most expensive CS:GO items ever sold? As of my last update in September 2021, the most expensive CS:GO item sold was the AWP Dragon Lore (Factory New), which sold for over $61,000. Prices for rare CS:GO items can change over time, so you should check the latest market values for the most accurate information.

What is the 15-day market ban on Steam? The 15-day market ban on Steam is a restriction placed on users who enable or disable the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. During this period, users cannot use the Steam Community Market to buy or sell items. It’s a security measure to protect accounts from unauthorized access.

Can you make money on Steam Community Market? Yes, it’s possible to make money on the Steam Community Market by buying and selling in-game items, trading cards, and other digital goods. However, the amount you can make depends on market demand, the items you have, and your trading skills.

What is the 7-day trade wait on Steam? The 7-day trade wait on Steam is a security measure that applies to trades involving items or games. After adding a new payment method or enabling the Mobile Authenticator, there is a 7-day trade hold for the items received in trades. This helps protect against fraudulent transactions.

Who loses money in a Steam sale? During Steam sales, the game developers and publishers often offer their games at discounted prices. They may earn less revenue per sale during these periods, but the increased volume of sales can make up for it. Users, on the other hand, can benefit from lower prices during Steam sales.

Does Steam refund 100%? Steam offers refunds for games and software within certain conditions. If you meet the criteria, you can receive a full refund for your purchase.

What is the biggest sales on Steam? The biggest sales on Steam are typically the Steam Summer Sale and the Steam Winter Sale. During these events, a wide range of games and software are offered at significant discounts.

Why is $5 dollars the minimum on Steam? The $5 minimum wallet balance on Steam is a measure to prevent fraud and abuse of the system. It helps ensure that users have a genuine interest in using the platform for transactions.

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How often does Steam pay out? Steam payout schedules can vary depending on the type of content you’re selling and your location. In general, they offer regular payout options, but the specific timing may vary.

Does Steam take taxes out? Steam may withhold taxes on certain transactions, such as game sales, depending on your location and tax regulations. However, the responsibility for paying taxes ultimately falls on the individual or entity receiving the payment.

What state has no tax on Steam? As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there was no specific state in the United States that had no tax on Steam transactions. Tax regulations can change, so it’s essential to check the latest information for your jurisdiction.

Is Steam in financial trouble? As of my last update in September 2021, there were no public indications of Steam being in financial trouble. Steam is a subsidiary of Valve Corporation, a well-established company in the gaming industry. However, the financial status of any company can change over time, so it’s a good idea to look for the latest news and updates.

Can you cash out Steam wallet? Steam wallet funds cannot be directly cashed out as real currency. However, you can use the funds to purchase games, items, and other content on the Steam platform.

How big of a cut does Steam take on games? Steam typically takes a 30% cut of game sales on its platform. However, this percentage may vary for certain situations, such as high-earning games or agreements with specific developers.

Why does Steam charge 30%? The 30% fee that Steam charges for game sales helps cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the platform, providing customer support, and supporting the development of new features and improvements.

Can I sell a game I bought on Steam? You cannot sell a game you bought on Steam directly through the platform. Steam does not provide a marketplace for reselling games. Once a game is purchased on Steam, it is bound to your account.

Does Steam make money from game sales? Yes, Steam makes money from game sales by taking a percentage (usually 30%) of the revenue generated from each game sold on its platform.

Is it legal to sell Steam games? Selling Steam games outside of the Steam platform, without Valve’s explicit approval, may violate Steam’s terms of service and could potentially be illegal. It’s important to review the terms of service and relevant laws in your jurisdiction.

Does Valve pay skin makers? Yes, Valve pays a portion of the revenue generated from the sale of CS:GO skins to the creators of those skins. Skin creators receive a percentage of the proceeds when their skins are sold on the Steam Community Market.

Is CS:GO trading hard? CS:GO trading can be challenging, as it involves understanding market trends, item values, and the potential for scams. It requires research and caution to be successful.

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Why are skins on CS money so expensive? CS:GO skins on third-party marketplaces like CS.MONEY can be expensive due to their rarity, demand, and the perceived value of certain skins among the CS:GO community.

Can you pull money out of CS money? CS.MONEY is a third-party CS:GO skin marketplace, not a direct way to cash out money. You can sell your CS:GO skins on such platforms and receive in-game items or virtual currency in exchange. To convert virtual currency to real money, you may need to use other services or platforms.

Should I sell my CS:GO skins before Source 2? The release of Source 2 for CS:GO could potentially affect skin values and the market. Whether you should sell your skins before the update depends on market trends, your assessment of how Source 2 might impact skin values, and your personal preferences. It’s a decision to make based on the information available at the time.

What is the cheapest knife ever sold in CS:GO? The price of the cheapest knife in CS:GO can vary, but it’s possible to find low-tier knives for a few dollars on the Steam Community Market or other third-party marketplaces.

What is the rarest thing in CS:GO? The rarest items in CS:GO are typically the Souvenir items from major tournaments, which have unique stickers and are tied to specific matches. These items are limited in number and can be quite rare and valuable.

What is the most popular CS:GO item? The popularity of CS:GO items can change over time, but some of the most popular and iconic items include skins for weapons like the AWP Dragon Lore, AK-47 Fire Serpent, and the Karambit knife skins.

Can you get banned for selling a Steam account? Selling a Steam account is against Steam’s terms of service, and doing so can result in the account being permanently banned.

Can Steam ban you for buying an account? Buying a Steam account from unauthorized sources or engaging in account trading can also violate Steam’s terms of service, and it may result in actions taken against the account, including potential bans.

Do Steam bans disappear? Steam bans can vary in duration and permanence, depending on the severity of the violation. Some bans are temporary and automatically lift after a set period, while others, especially those for more serious violations, can be permanent.

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