Air Flow Rate Converter

Air flow rate, typically measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), quantifies the volume of air moving through a system in one minute. It’s crucial for HVAC systems, ventilation, and air quality control. Converting units requires knowing conversion factors, like 1 CFM equals 28.3168 liters per minute or 0.5886 cubic meters per hour. Proper air … Read more

Corrosion Rate Conversion Calculator

To convert corrosion rates from millimeters per year (mm/year) to inches per year (in/year), you can use the conversion factor of approximately 0.03937. Simply multiply the corrosion rate in mm/year by this factor to obtain the equivalent corrosion rate in in/year. For example, 1 mm/year is approximately equal to 0.03937 in/year. Corrosion Rate Conversion Calculator … Read more

Helium Leak Rate Conversion Calculator

Helium leak rates can be converted between various units as follows: 1 cc/min ≈ 60 cc/s, 1 atm-cc/min ≈ 2.01 x 10^-4 cc/s, 1 atm-cc/s ≈ 3.35 x 10^-6 cc/s, 1 mbar-l/s ≈ 0.1 cc/s, and 1 Pa-m^3/s ≈ 10 cc/s. Converting to g/year depends on gas properties and molecular weight. Always consider specific gas … Read more

Steel Bar Length to Weight Converter

To convert steel bar length to weight, you need to know the bar’s dimensions (length and diameter) and the density of steel (typically 7850 kg/m³). Then, you can use the formula: Weight (kg) = Length (m) * Cross-sectional Area (m²) * Density (kg/m³). This calculation will give you the weight of the steel bar in … Read more

Feet and Inches to Decimal Converter

Feet and Inches to Decimal Converter Feet and Inches to Decimal Converter Feet: Inches: Convert Decimal Value: FAQs How do you convert feet and inches to decimals? To convert feet and inches to decimals, divide the number of inches by 12 (since there are 12 inches in a foot) and then add it to the … Read more

Hexadecimal to Decimal Converter

To convert a hexadecimal number to decimal, multiply each digit’s decimal value by the corresponding power of 16, starting from right to left. Then, sum the results. For example, to convert “1A3” in hexadecimal to decimal: 316^0 + 1016^1 + 1*16^2 = 291 in decimal. Use this method for all hex conversions. Hexadecimal to Decimal … Read more

HRA to HRC Conversion

Converting HRA (Rockwell A hardness) to HRC (Rockwell C hardness) is not straightforward due to differences in testing methods and penetrators. There isn’t a direct formula for conversion, and precise conversion tables may not exist. These scales are typically used for different types of materials. Consult specific hardness data for accurate comparisons between materials. HRA … Read more

BHN to HRC Conversion Calculator

Converting Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) to Rockwell Hardness (HRC) is not a straightforward mathematical conversion because they measure hardness differently. However, approximate conversions can be found in reference tables, but they may have some degree of inaccuracy due to the different testing methods and materials being tested. BHN to HRC Conversion Calculator BHN to HRC … Read more

Convert Foot-Candles to Lumens Calculator

To convert foot-candles to lumens, you need to know the area being illuminated. Lumens = Foot-Candles x Area (in square feet). For example, if you have 100 foot-candles and an area of 10 square feet, the conversion would be 1,076.4 lumens (100 foot-candles x 10.764 lumens/square foot). Foot-Candles to Lumens Calculator Foot-Candles to Lumens Calculator … Read more

Degrees Minutes Seconds Coordinates Converter

DMS to Decimal Degrees Converter DMS to Decimal Degrees Converter Degrees: Minutes: Seconds: Convert Decimal Degrees: FAQs How do you convert coordinates into degrees minutes and seconds? To convert coordinates (latitude and longitude) into degrees, minutes, and seconds, you can use the following estimations: How do you convert degrees to coordinates? To convert degrees to … Read more